Coming of Age Service: I am. We are.

Piper Harrell led our seventh and eighth grade Coming of Age (COA) group in sharing their reflections of the past year. They included: Asa Baker-Rouse, B Porter, Baxter Harrington, Danny Goldsmith, Joyce Ross, Linni Goldsmith, Milo Rees, Simone Duquette-Hoffman, Sophie Mason, Layne Chant, and Naomi Brightman

COA Participants opened with singing Here Comes the Change by Kesha

Call to Worship and  Chalice Lighting Circle of Warmth, Circle of Life, Circle of Family  By Janeen K Grohsmeyer

COA and “Chad” shared a Time for All Ages folktale for our times: Giraffes Can’t Dance

CVUUS Choir sang I Am Willing by Holly Near

Everyone sang Imagine by John Lennon 

COA  Participants shared their Belief Statements

Everyone sang Lean on Me by Bill Withers

After service, Rev Barnaby offered a fascinating romp through 2000 years of UU heresies as the last of a series of three classes for those exploring what it means to be a member of CVUUS.