Flower Communion (All Ages)


This annual UU ceremony celebrates the beauty that each person brings to our community. Bring a flower or two from anywhere, and if you forget come anyway. We’ve got you covered! Our Flower Buds, Alice Berninghausen and Dinah Smith, have built a communal vase as your flowers come in. We’blessed the flowers in recognition of our wonderful diversity. Our children were with us for the whole service and helped us redistribute them. Each person brings home a different flower than the one they brought as a reminder of diversity’s value. Originally created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Čapek of Prague, Czechoslovakia, the Flower Ceremony was introduced to the United States by Rev. Mája Čapek, Norbert’s widow. See here for that wonderful story. We share our offering plate with Rutland NAACP this month in honor of Juneteenth & our new anti-racism covenant.

See details of the service here: OOS June 4, 2023

Watch a recording here: