These guidelines are intended to assist Committee Chairs and Board Members in accomplishing their work and to promote an understanding of the services that the church office can provide.

1. Office Information

The church office is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 to 4 PM and Fridays from 11 AM to 1 PM. Our phone number is 388-8080. Our voice mail includes separate confidential mailboxes for the Minister and Church Administrator. Our mailing address is 2 Duane Court, Middlebury, VT 05753, and our email address is Our web site is; a generous volunteer member currently maintains it.

Typing and Mailing

Please handle your committee’s typing and mailing. With adequate notice, the Church Administrator can provide postage, paper, computer use, paper cutter, envelopes, address labels, copier, advice, and encouragement.


The church copier is available for you or your committee members to do copying for your committee work. Please contact the Church Administrator to make arrangements to us it. The copier is located in the church office, in the Fenn House. The access code (1111) is posted on the front of the copier; you must enter this code and press “Enter” on the screen in order to begin copying.

2. Access to Buildings

All Committee Chairs and Board Members will be kept current as to the access code for the Sanctuary. Board members will be given keys to the Fenn House, and Committee Chairs may request a key. The church offices are typically kept locked, but Committee Chairs and Board members will be informed of the location of a hidden key for access when needed. The Church Administrator keeps a log of keys given out. Copying or loaning the key you have been provided is prohibited. Please do not, under any circumstances, take a key from the office without first checking with the Church Administrator.

3. Facilities Use

Reserve meeting space with the Church Administrator as far in advance as possible. Meeting at the church without reserving space with the church office may result in interrupted meetings and breaches of building security. If you change a meeting date, please remember to inform the Administrator!

Every group that uses the building must secure the building before they leave and turn out all lights (including bathroom lights). Please clean up after yourselves and leave the church as you found it.

A phone is available for local calls only in the Fenn House kitchen.

4. Mailboxes

Mail folders for Committee Chairs, Board Members, and church staff are provided in a blue milk crate in the Sanctuary meeting room. Please check these boxes regularly, as messages and important information are left in the folders by staff and congregation members. You may also leave messages for church staff in these folders. This mode of communication saves the church money in postage costs and telephone time.

5. Reimbursement for Committee Expenses

To be reimbursed for expenditures related to committee work, please submit a Disbursement Request Form to the Church Administrator. These forms are available in the church office. Keep in mind that the Church Administrator works with the Treasurer to write checks and that this process can take two weeks or more. If you need a check before a specific date, please provide ample notice.

6. Communicating with the congregation

Announcements that are directly related to CVUUS may be included in the Order of Service, the weekly e-mail, and the monthly newsletter. Announcements that are not directly related to CVUUS may be posted on the bulletin board or written on the white board in the sanctuary foyer with prior approval by the Church Administrator or the Minister.

Submissions to the Order of Service

Announcements for inclusion in the Sunday order of service must be received by the Church Administrator no later than the preceding Thursday.

Submissions to the Weekly “CVUUS Happenings” Email

Announcements can also be submitted for distribution to members and friends in the weekly “CVUUS Happenings” email that is sent every Wednesday. Send these to the office (preferably by email) before the end of day on the preceding Tuesday.

Submissions to the Monthly Newsletter

The CVUUS newsletter is published monthly and mailed before the first of the month. The deadline is the 15th of the month for the following month’s publication (e.g., the deadline for the October newsletter is September 15th). The Church Administrator will send a reminder e-mail approximately one week before the deadline. Articles and announcements are cheerfully accepted before the deadline. The preferred submission method is by email to You can also mail submissions to the church (2 Duane Court, Middlebury, VT 05753).

Please also notify the Church Administrator of any committee meetings that are scheduled for the following month before the newsletter deadline. A monthly calendar is included in every newsletter.