Rev. Barnaby Feder, Minister
Rev. Barnaby Feder, Minister

A Prayer for Summer


Before I worship at the altar of each long evening,

May I give the too early sunrise its due,

May I not blame the midday for its heat and mugginess,

May I admire the thunderstorm yet fear for those with no shelter.


Before I turn to the work that remains at hand, or arrives,

May I read another poem, or one more chapter of a book,

May I write a length to a distant friend, and chat unrushed with those nearby,

May I humor the dog, scratch the cat, and praise their strict limits on scrutability.


Before I reach my next destination,

May I treat myself to some narrower side roads,

May I linger in the shade of the trees that make canopy their calling,

May I discover places where music pools deep enough for diving.


Before I do battle with the weeds in the garden,

May I pause to open my heart to all that may be growing,

May I prepare my mind to wander beyond horizons,

May I pay my respects to sorrow and pain.


Before summer turns to autumn,

May I reach a seashore, encounter a profound silence, be puzzled;

May I learn more about the ways of forgiveness,

And of Radical Love.

Blessed be, Rev. Barnaby