Water Communion Ingathering

We collected your summer waters into our communal bowl and poured them onto our gardens as we gathered for our new worship year.  UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray offered an inspiring video here reminding us that this is no time to go it alone.

Order of Service

Preservice: Chuck Miller accompanied by water and water communion images

Bell: Liam Greenwood

Prelude: Chuck Miller with water images from Lucy Tenenbaum

Welcome/ Pathways to Connection: Wren Colwell, Worship Associate

Call to Worship: Ponder the Thing in your Heart   Wren Colwell

Chalice Lighting: Wren Colwell & Rev. Barnaby

Honoring Children in Song: Let us Open Our Eyes Poppy Rees singing with Milo

Time for All Ages: Poppy Rees

Choir: M’ni Wiconi: Water is Life with Lucy Tenenbaum introducing and Ken Levine on drums

Offering: Today’s offering will be introduced by Allison Cutler and shared with Movement Voter Project. Contributions can be made at https://cvuus.breezechms.com/give/online.

Milestones & Passages: Rev. Barnaby. Future ones can be shared at https://cvuus.breezechms.com/form/YellowCard

Prayer & Meditation

Readings: Algonquin Women’s Video; Mary Oliver’s Morning poem read by Wren Colwell

Water Communion:  Rev. Barnaby and Wren Colwell

Closing/Postlude: Spirit of Life sung by Poppy Rees

Thanks to our “Stream Team” Rich Wolfson, Margy Young, Richard Hopkins, Lucy Tenenbaum, Jordan Young, and Eric Maier for helping Lucy record the choir anthem.