Our 21st Century Principles: Will the Pandemic Have an Impact?

Rev. Barnaby explored the pandemic’s impact on two controversial ideas for amending the UU Principles. This service will be of particular interest for nature lovers and folks concerned with racism in UU-land.

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Order of Service

Prelude:  Chuck Miller, Visuals arr. Lucy Tenenbaum

Welcome & Pathways to Healthy Connection:  Wren Colwell

Call to Worship: We Lift Up Our Hearts in Thanks by Rev. Richard Fewkes (read by Wren)

For the sun and the dawn
Which we did not create;
For the moon and the evening
Which we did not make;

For food which we plant
But cannot grow;
For friends and loved ones
We have not earned and cannot buy;

For this sprawled community
Which welcomes us as we are,
From wherever we shelter;
For all our free churches
That keep us human
And encourage us in our quest;

For beauty, truth, and love

For all things which come to us
As gifts of being from sources
Beyond ourselves;
Gifts of life and love and friendship
We lift up our hearts in thanks this day.

Chalice Lighting: We Light This Chalice by Rev. Lois Van Leer

Time for All Ages: The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth    Poppy Rees, director of Religious Exploration 

Honoring the Children in Song: Let Us Open Our Eyes    Poppy Rees    

Offering: Today’s offering will be shared with the Vermont Natural Resources Council. Contributions can be made at https://cvuus.breezechms.com/give/online.

Milestones and Passages:   Rev. Barnaby

(Future ones can be shared at https://cvuus.breezechms.com/form/YellowCard)

Prayer/Meditation and Time of Silence

Reading: The Seven Principles   Wren Colwell

Part 1: The Seven Principles Creation Story    Rev. Barnaby

Musical Interlude: For The Beauty of the Earth (music, Native American tune)   Liam Battjes

Part 2: A Tale of One Word and Twenty-eight More   Rev. Barnaby and Pan

Musical Interlude: Chuck Miller

Part 3: Covid-19 Infects the Debate    Rev. Barnaby

Hymn: Sing Along to All Souls of Washington DC Spirit of Life

Benediction & Extinguishing the Chalice: Rev. Barnaby

Postlude:  Chuck Miller, Visuals arr. Lucy Tenenbaum

Thank you for joining us for worship!

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