Radical Inclusivity

Rev. Barnaby walked into an unusual coffee store on vacation in Charleston, SC, and walked out with the theme for today’s sermon. We heard a wonderful Time for All Ages on Ali Stroker from Becky Strum and moving testimony from Charter House’s Exec Dir. Heidi Lacey, adorned our three trees of love—justice, compassion and beauty–and wrapped up our Radical Love raffle. Watch the service here.

Order of Service

Bell: Land Acknowledgement

Prelude: Ronnie Romano            

Welcome & Pathways:  Becky Strum, Worship Associate

Call to Worship:   We Gather Here as Individual People by Barbara Hamilton-Holway

Chalice Lighting:

May this flame we light remind us that

every one of us can bring the light of

love to the world

May this clear flame be a symbol

that every heart can burn bright with

joy, peace, and harmony.

May the wisdom of the ages speak to us

through this flame and stay in us.

Every one of us can be a blessing to

the world.

Honoring the Children in Song: Let us Open Our Eyes, Poppy Rees, Dir. of Religious Exploration

Time for All Ages   Ali Stroker     Becky Strum

Offering: Our “Share the Plate” donee is Charter House Coalition. We’ll hear a testimony from Heidi Lacey, Charter House Coalition Exec Dir.  All cash and checks not otherwise specified will be split between CVUUS and our donee. https://cvuus.breezechms.com/give/online.

Milestones & Passages:   Rev. Barnaby

Prayer/Meditation: Rev. Barnaby

Music: All God’s Critters CVUUS Choir

Readings Ancient and Modern: Poetry from Rumi and Rev. Bob Janis Dillon  Becky Strum

Sermon: Radical Inclusivity  Rev. Barnaby

Music: How Could Anyone (Teal #1053)  CVUUS Choir

Benediction: Rev. Barnaby

Postlude: Ronnie Romano

Credits: Thanks to our worship associate Becky Strum ; Julia Chant, Alan Moore, Rich Wolfson, Mary Hadley and Steve Butterfield for technical support; our choir, our Flower Co-op for holiday arrangements; Mike Greenwood, Avi Freund and all who helped set up, usher, and greet.

Thank you for joining us for worship!

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