Living Community: Why We’re Here (Part 2)

What is it about our Unitarian Universalist principles and values that make UUism a religion, hold us together, and point us in the right direction?  Some thoughts on where we’ve come from, and why each of us is essential. Led by Rev. Tricia Hart. We’ll share our plate with ACORN Network in support of their food hub project.

See a video recording here:

Shared Ministry: What Is It? A Congregational Conversation. You have probably heard the phrase “Shared Ministry” at least once in the last few months. You may have thought it referred to the two Ministers we presently have who are “sharing” the role of a minister here at CVUUS. It is that, and much more. It refers to the fact that all of us have a role in making Unitarian Universalism prosper here at CVUUS and in the wider community. Rev. Tricia said in a discussion with Rev. Christina in the 10 minute video they made to introduce themselves to us here, that CVUUS ” is ripe for deep transformation”. Without shared ministry that will not happen. Tell us what your interpretation of Shared Ministry is, and how it might happen here at CVUUS.

See worship details here: OOS Oct 22, 2023