Doubling Down on Justice

Rev. Barnaby explored the Covid-19 pandemic’s challenge to our ongoing UU calling to make the world more just.

Order of Service

The Sixth Principle: Doubling Down on Justice

Prelude – Chuck Miller

Welcome – Karl Lindholm

Pathways to Healthy Connection – Rev. Barnaby Feder

Musical Call to Worship: “Come Wash Your Hands With Me” – The Singh-ers

Call to Worship – Karl Lindholm

Chalice Lighting by Rev. Elizabeth McMaster – Rev. Feder

We light our flaming chalice
to illuminate the world we seek.
In the search for truth may we be just,
in the search for justice may we be loving;
and, in loving, may we find peace.

Time for All Ages: Sanctuary Tour: -Rev. Feder with Jordan Young

Honoring the Children in Song: “Let Us Open Our Eyes” – Chuck Miller, music

Offering – Chuck Miller and Rev. Feder
(Offering split with the Common Threads Project)

Response: Hymn #287 in the gray hymnal: “Faith of the Larger Liberty” (lyrics below)

Pledge Testimonial: “You’re the Top” (apologies to Cole Porter) – Ted Scheu and Chuck Miller

Milestones and Passages – Rev. Feder


Song: “Over My Head” – Dr. Francois Scarborough Clemmons

Hymn: “Come Sing a Song With Me (#346 in the gray hymnal) – Sidney Singh

Reading: “And the People Stayed Home,” attributed to Kitty O’Meara – Karl Lindholm

Sermon: “Doubling Down on Justice” – Rev. Feder

Testimonial – Dr. Morris Earle, Jr.

Closing: Hymn #123 in the gray hymnal “Spirit of Life”

Coffee Hour Invitation – Jordan Young

Benediction and Extinguish the Chalice – Rev. Feder

Postlude – Chuck Miller