What My Son Taught Me about Humility, Healing, and Writing

Crafting words that tell a debilitating and instructive story that will leave the reader with understanding, compassion, a sense of joy and inspired to take action compelled me to write about raising my son. At last. Led by guest speaker Tory Riley as she begins our summer long exploration of spirituality and the arts.  

Rise Up Singing!

Join Dr Francois S. Clemmons as he reflects on spirituality and the arts.

Spirit of Amazing Gift of Wondrous Love for This House So Fair to See

A hymn mashup worship!

Writing as an Act of Spirituality

Join Caitlin Gildrien in an exploration of writing and spirituality.


Hospice Singing

Join us this Sunday for reflections on Hospice singing as an expression of spirituality.

Singing My Heart Out

Singer and CVUUS Director of Religious Exploration, Poppy Rees, shares her experience with singing as a path to deeper connection and joy. A very musical worship service which will include singing by Poppy, as well as all who come.