This Sunday

UU Youth:  Reflections on Service

Youth Group

Youth group led service.  Please join us and hear how the youth desire to serve went into action this year.  They seek donations of paper goods and cleaning supplies for the John Graham Shelter – paper towels, saran wrap, baggies, foil, toilet paper, kitchen and bathroom cleaners.  

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

Sabbatical Report, Part 1

Winter sun, day’s keel
Above silent whiteness laid
Deep and wide last night on playing fields.

Released from her leash
Lyra plow-bounds hard away
To the woods, expecting squirrels at least.

I head for the path
More remembered than present,
And sing out through the trees, “Where’s Lyra?”

Rested snow slips down
Now life-filtered, a slow jazz
Of flurry and pauses, and so resounds

A forest praise-song
For intervening branches:
I hear soft thuds, rolls, and grace notes throng.

“Everywhere we rise,”
The trees say. “We make countless
Ways to dawdle, fall, be otherwise.”

They point out Lyra;
She’s sensing something alive,
burrowed into the understory.

No need to hurry
Today, she and they agree.
Stay incomplete, and be.
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Save the Dates!

Are you curious about what’s involved in becoming a member of CVUUS and the diverse beliefs of people who participate in the life of our congregation? 

Whether your connection to UU is lifelong, a new discovery, or anything in between, you are welcome to join our upcoming classes following worship on Sunday April 22 and 29.

–Share your spiritual journey and review UU beliefs.
–Dash through 2000 years of Unitarian and Universalist history.
–Explore CVUUS structure, history and future.
Contact Marjorie Carsen ( or Rev. Barnaby  ( for more.

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Member Stories

O congregation of sensible shoes.
O buttoned plaid shirts, men in neat beards,
O matriarchs with your practical Judy Dench hair,
O, church parking lot of Prius and Volt. We

are trying. We hung Black Lives Matter
over the door, and that’s not nothing.
Nobody is saying it’s nothing. What
they’re saying is “Keep going”

Or maybe, “What next?”
If we call it Social Justice,
what next? If
we call it Radical Love.

If we call it Anti-Racism.
If we call it Covenant.
If we can say that whatever
we’ve done so far, it may not

be nothing, but it is also
not enough.

Myself, I would not know how
to go to an AME church.
I would not know where to sit
or what to wear or how to sing.

I’m sure I would be welcome, but
I am not sure that I would make it
so far as to find out. And you?
O congregation who actually sings

Kum-ba-yah. Whatever you call light,
we must shine it. Whatever you call faith,
tell it to get ready, and get ready
to lean into it. Lean forward

into the fear, the unease:
Your growing edge.
And ye shall know the fruit
is ripe when the thorns

prick your tender skin. And
it’s okay to hate it
when it makes you bleed, o friends,
o sweet earnest friends. But let us hate it

together, and let us keep going.
Let us keep going.