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Spiritual Engineering

Rev. Barnaby Feder

Whatever your views on genetic engineering, we can all endorse the spiritual engineering to which we are called by the beauty and diversity of flowers. Join us for a case in point — our annual flower communion! Bring a flower to contribute to the communal bouquet — wild or domestic. And stay for the annual … Continued

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

As UU’s, we are in a period of heartfelt but, for many people, disturbing effort to deepen our understanding of the diverse ways people of color among us experience our “whiteness.” We also aim to reflect what we learn with collective as well as individual changes in behavior. It’s foolish to think we can make everyone who comes through our doors feel welcomed and accepted for who they are. It’s our desire and mission, though, to work toward that lofty goal, knowing that we can do better than we have. This is the kind of challenge that grows our souls as individuals and our ability to build love in the wider community as a congregation.

It’s stressful, though. The firing last night of FBI Director James Comey reminds us yet again that anything we do within our denomination or personal lives is unfolding within a time of relentless anxiety-promoting developments on the national political scene. This is true regardless of which political movements and leaders you support.

I pray that we not lose sight of a few core beliefs I hope we all aspire to live out: 1) The CVUUS community should be a safe place to be uncomfortable and in the minority; 2) We seek to practice kindness toward those with whom we differ; 3) We look for reasons to respect those with whom we disagree and to be humble about our own ability to know the “truth.” 4) We worship together (in part) to better understand how we are called to serve Love; 5) In the broad array of ways we serve, we affirm and better understand what we worship.

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Save the Dates!

Rhubarb Festival, Sat. June 3 (10 am- 2 pm)

CVUUS will open its doors to all of the surrounding community who would like to attend Rhubarb Festival 2017. Pies are the big attraction, mostly rhubarb ($15) but also strawberry rhubarb ($18). Come early for the latter because they go fast. Also available will be sweets and savories, beautiful bling for your jewelry box, plants for your garden, and gently used books for the children in your life. The café opens at 10:30: sandwich/salad, beverage and dessert for $5. No tickets required. Live music and kids’ face painting, all day. No entry fee. Profits support a local charity. Rhubarb_Festival_Poster_2017 Read More about “Rhubarb Festival, Sat. June 3 (10 am- 2 pm)”

Member Stories

I’m Chris Prickitt, and I’ve been coming to CVUUS for nearly three years.  I grew up in Middlebury, went to the Mary Hogan School for my elementary years, fifth and sixth grade in what is now Twilight Hall, and High School, class of ’69.  I went to Colby College and ended up staying there in Maine for forty years after college, working on a farm for five of those before entering the teaching profession.  I taught 8th grade English for thirty-one years. I returned to Vermont in June of 2013. I’ve been working for the last two years at Eastview, the retirement community up beyond Porter Hospital.  I’m on the maintenance crew, but I also drive residents in the bus or van to appointments and special events. I get to play music there twice a week as well. (EastView is where I got to know David Flight and Abbott Fenn and actually quite a few of our current CVUUS members.) I enjoy many special relationships with residents an co-workers there.  Oh yes, life is good, and I am happily back in Middlebury.

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