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Honoring Jewish High Holy Days

Laurie Patton

Guest speaker Laurie Patton, Middlebury College president, will share her reflections.

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

uring a meeting this summer with worship team leaders, the conversation turned to our theme for the coming year at CVUUS – Journeying Toward Radical Love. Poppy expressed frustration that we didn’t have a definition of  “radical love.” How would this vague theme help us plan worship, RE, and all the other aspects of congregational life that make CVUUS our spiritual home? “What do you mean by   radical love?” she said over and over, in different ways.

        I’m not sure yet and may never be. But here are a few things I know. First, when Piper named “radical love” last spring as what’s missing from our poisonous political and social climate, she lit a giant chalice of truth.  Her sermon called us to essential “soul work” even if we didn’t have a confident, specific, shared answer to such basic questions as “What do I do now?” Or, for that matter, “What do we mean by radical love?” Read More about “From the Minister”

Save the Dates!

How would you like to be involved?

The Council of Ministries, including representatives of all the ministry committees, meets once a month to coordinate the work of the church. If you are interested in joining a ministry team, contact any of the members below who can help match your interests with what CVUUS needs.

Members:  Steve Maier, Margy Young, Karl Lindholm, Marjorie Carsen, Alan Moore, Tracey Harrington, Artley Wolfson,  Donna LaRose, Ellen Flight, Doug Richards, Bobbi Loney

The Council of Ministries hosts monthly “Congregational Conversations” following worship on topics of interest to the congregation on the third Sunday of the month Oct through May. You can propose one to Alan Moore, Margy Young, or Donna LaRose.

You can view ministry options below and at Read More about “How would you like to be involved?”

Member Stories

I’m Chris Prickitt, and I’ve been coming to CVUUS for nearly three years.  I grew up in Middlebury, went to the Mary Hogan School for my elementary years, fifth and sixth grade in what is now Twilight Hall, and High School, class of ’69.  I went to Colby College and ended up staying there in Maine for forty years after college, working on a farm for five of those before entering the teaching profession.  I taught 8th grade English for thirty-one years. I returned to Vermont in June of 2013. I’ve been working for the last two years at Eastview, the retirement community up beyond Porter Hospital.  I’m on the maintenance crew, but I also drive residents in the bus or van to appointments and special events. I get to play music there twice a week as well. (EastView is where I got to know David Flight and Abbott Fenn and actually quite a few of our current CVUUS members.) I enjoy many special relationships with residents an co-workers there.  Oh yes, life is good, and I am happily back in Middlebury.

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