This Sunday

What My Son Taught Me about Humility, Healing, and Writing

Tory Riley

Crafting words that tell a debilitating and instructive story that will leave the reader with understanding, compassion, a sense of joy and inspired to take action compelled me to write about raising my son. At last. Led by guest speaker Tory Riley as she begins our summer long exploration of spirituality and the arts.  

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

Now we come to June-uary.  January, the first month of the  calendar year, is named after Janus, the Roman god of transitions (and doorways). He is depicted with back-to-back faces, one to see into the past and the other looking toward the future. As a lifelong UU, I’ve always felt I’m right there in June as well.

     From a bookkeeping point of view, our new church year starts July 1. But we are into our summer programming then. June is the true transitional month. The current church year wraps up, our budget for next year is adopted at the annual meeting, and many of the plans for the next year are settled. We start the month by capping off our celebration of spring and community with the Flower Communion. Two weeks later, our choir leads a service made up of its favorite songs from the year we are completing, then begins its summer vacation. Some of us head off to wherever the UU General Assembly is meeting. The Worship Team begins filling in Sunday plans for the fall.

     I am looking forward to looking back this month on our theme for the current year – the journey toward radical love.  And I am looking forward to looking back over my mother’s life with those of you who can come to her memorial service June 16.

     This June, I expect, we all will be looking forward to starting construction of our new Ann Ross Fellowship Hall, a kitchen, an elevator, bathrooms and other facilities below the Sanctuary! What else are you looking back on and forward to? Don’t forget to take some time just to look around….June-uary indeed.

Blessed be, Rev. Barnaby Read More about “From the Minister”

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Spirituality & the Arts!

Join us as we begin our summer long exploration of spirituality and the arts with worship services led by special guest artists. See upcoming worship services for details. Summer Religious Exploration is available for kids–yoga, rockets, origami, games, tie dye, performing poems, and more. Nursery care available. Read More about “Spirituality & the Arts!”

Member Stories

O congregation of sensible shoes.
O buttoned plaid shirts, men in neat beards,
O matriarchs with your practical Judy Dench hair,
O, church parking lot of Prius and Volt. We

are trying. We hung Black Lives Matter
over the door, and that’s not nothing.
Nobody is saying it’s nothing. What
they’re saying is “Keep going”

Or maybe, “What next?”
If we call it Social Justice,
what next? If
we call it Radical Love.

If we call it Anti-Racism.
If we call it Covenant.
If we can say that whatever
we’ve done so far, it may not

be nothing, but it is also
not enough.

Myself, I would not know how
to go to an AME church.
I would not know where to sit
or what to wear or how to sing.

I’m sure I would be welcome, but
I am not sure that I would make it
so far as to find out. And you?
O congregation who actually sings

Kum-ba-yah. Whatever you call light,
we must shine it. Whatever you call faith,
tell it to get ready, and get ready
to lean into it. Lean forward

into the fear, the unease:
Your growing edge.
And ye shall know the fruit
is ripe when the thorns

prick your tender skin. And
it’s okay to hate it
when it makes you bleed, o friends,
o sweet earnest friends. But let us hate it

together, and let us keep going.
Let us keep going.