This Sunday

What My Son Taught Me about Humility, Healing, and Writing

Tory Riley

Crafting words that tell a debilitating and instructive story that will leave the reader with understanding, compassion, a sense of joy and inspired to take action compelled me to write about raising my son. At last. Led by guest speaker Tory Riley as she begins our summer long exploration of spirituality and the arts.  

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

Now we come to June-uary.  January, the first month of the  calendar year, is named after Janus, the Roman god of transitions (and doorways). He is depicted with back-to-back faces, one to see into the past and the other looking toward the future. As a lifelong UU, I’ve always felt I’m right there in June as well.

     From a bookkeeping point of view, our new church year starts July 1. But we are into our summer programming then. June is the true transitional month. The current church year wraps up, our budget for next year is adopted at the annual meeting, and many of the plans for the next year are settled. We start the month by capping off our celebration of spring and community with the Flower Communion. Two weeks later, our choir leads a service made up of its favorite songs from the year we are completing, then begins its summer vacation. Some of us head off to wherever the UU General Assembly is meeting. The Worship Team begins filling in Sunday plans for the fall.

     I am looking forward to looking back this month on our theme for the current year – the journey toward radical love.  And I am looking forward to looking back over my mother’s life with those of you who can come to her memorial service June 16.

     This June, I expect, we all will be looking forward to starting construction of our new Ann Ross Fellowship Hall, a kitchen, an elevator, bathrooms and other facilities below the Sanctuary! What else are you looking back on and forward to? Don’t forget to take some time just to look around….June-uary indeed.

Blessed be, Rev. Barnaby Read More about “From the Minister”

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Spirituality & the Arts!

Join us as we begin our summer long exploration of spirituality and the arts with worship services led by special guest artists. See upcoming worship services for details. Summer Religious Exploration is available for kids–yoga, rockets, origami, games, tie dye, performing poems, and more. Nursery care available. Read More about “Spirituality & the Arts!”

Member Stories

Love is the doctrine of this church, the search for truth is its sacrament, and service is its prayer.

I love those words, and to me they capture the essence of CVUUS, what we do here together each week, and what we take with us when we leave and go out in to the greater world.

I believe that everything in this life at its most fundamental level is based on love, and that everything we do in life must have love as its foundation.

I believe that justice, compassion, and respect are all born of love, and I feel that righteous anger, too, springs from love and a passion to make things equitable and just.

I believe that love will always win in the end. Always.

This may all sounds well and good, and I will readily admit that I am an idealist. But am I a PollyAnna? Not by a long shot. I know there are tremendous obstacles and trials on the path of love. It’s something we all deal with every single day.

But I see CVUUS as an incubator of love and hope, as a safe haven in which to envision and build the stepping stones to a more loving and peaceful world. CVUUS is a place where I come precisely because we don’t all look the same, we don’t all think the same way, and we don’t all approach things from the same perspective. That’s the way life is. We respect and value our differences, and even though we may not always be perfect when it comes to bridging our differences, it is something we yearn for and strive to do.

Every time we welcome someone through that door and every time we walk out of it, we are ambassadors of justice, of compassion, and of love. And at CVUUS we are committed ambassadors.

I see it time and again in our readiness to face challenges, in our passion to act, in our fearlessness to confront hatred and violence, in our willingness to admit mistakes and to regroup and go at it again; in our eagerness to reach out and share, I see it when we look in each other’s eyes, clasp hands and honor each other and our work together.

We may be small here at #2 Duane Court in Middlebury,VT, but we are mighty. I know that our efforts and the love we build here together does and will have an impact far beyond our little burg.

So, let’s squirt some WD-40 on the hinges of our hearts and open them even wider. Let’s continue to be resilient and creative in the face of animosity and difficulties; let’s build and share more love in every possible way we can.

Because love in all its manifestations is the only way forward.