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I Love(d) a Parade

Rev. Barnaby Feder

Rev. Barnaby looks at the fine line between honoring warriors and fostering war. Who is missing from our Memorial Day parades and what does it matter?

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

I’ve finally figured out the perfect answer for the question “How did your sabbatical go?” It’s “We’ll see.”

     The great thing about the sabbatical was not the restorative aspect, although I did feel much better physically after getting a break from my usual routine. It was that so much was set in motion that might never have emerged otherwise. And now I see clearly that how my sabbatical went is something I can’t find out on my own.

     Let me share here just one specific example. I began during sabbatical to explore what it means for CVUUS that society as a whole is going to get considerably grayer (or whiter or balder) in the coming years. Bodies will weaken and minds may slow, but we will also be swimming in life experience and desire to use time wisely. We’ll need to rethink how to do worship and everything else that goes on here while the Baby Boom generation moves from late middle age into senior citizen status and then true old age. Read More about “From the Minister”

Save the Dates!

Rhubarb, flowers and many ways to deepen connections 

Rhubarb Festival, Sat. June 2, 10 am -2 pm  We’ll open our doors to the community for pie, lunch, books, plants, sweets and savories, “bling,” and –new this year–a puppet show and special pie auction between 11-12. See more under “Connections,” including our poster.

Flower Communion Worship Service, Sun., June 3, 10 am (followed by our Year-in-Review slide show and Annual Meeting)

Kansas City, MO… jazz, barbecue food, the Negro League Baseball Museum and the 2018 UUA General Assembly, June 21-25! General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of  UUA. Attendees worship,   witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through our democratic process. Read More about “Rhubarb, flowers and many ways to deepen connections “

Member Stories

As some of you know, I was raised in this community from the age of 9. I vaguely remember the infamous first meeting in the Berninghausen’s, and remember well every stage of our growth leading up to this lovely space. In the early days of planning CVUUS it was my own mother who made the “piss or get off the pot” pronouncement which perhaps prompted the paths of fate which have brought us all together today. I know her bluntness and aforementioned approach to life and decisions has prompted many a move in my own life.

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