This Sunday

Where Was God In All This

Mike Heaney

Join Vietnam Vet and Middlebury College graduate Mike Heaney in looking at our doubts about war. He will join us later as well to read from his new combat memoir in our Sanctuary at 7 pm.  

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

By the time you see this, I will have started my sabbatical. I spoke about what I will be doing in my Dec. 17 sermon, which you can listen to online. One thing I said that bears repeating: I will be around town for a significant amount of time. There will be no need to act like strangers if we bump into each other. All I ask is that we not talk about “CVUUS stuff.”

     Here’s another thought I hope you will keep with you: a lot of people have been working hard to make sure this is also a wonderful interlude for you, the congregants.  CVUUS was amazing before you called me to be your minister and will continue to be so whenever my time with you ends. My sabbatical should help you feel confident about that. It will be exciting time to invite your friends to visit because of our line-up of lay led and guest-led worship services. There will be important discussions involving the direction of the downstairs building project and an  annual pledge drive. And you will have an entire winter to explore with each other what the journey toward radical love is coming to mean to you.

         I would love to come back and be able to hear from each of you that you did some loving you hadn’t anticipated. Maybe each of you can overcome our famous New England reserve and reach out to meet and greet someone whose name in the directory is unfamiliar to you. Read More about “From the Minister”

Save the Dates!

Radical Love Made Visible – at CVUUS

The CVUUS Canvass will celebrate the start of the campaign with a fun, family friendly, potluck dinner party on Saturday, March 10 at CVUUS from 5 to 7 pm. We will share food, music, skits, and hear from our friends what CVUUS means to them. Please hold the date! Also Canvassers are needed. If you would like to participate, please contact Neil or Julie Chippendale. Canvassers will not ask our friends for money, rather they will engage in conversations about the church and provide pledge cards and supporting information. Our friends will return the pledge cards to the canvasser. Read More about “Radical Love Made Visible – at CVUUS”

Member Stories

O congregation of sensible shoes.
O buttoned plaid shirts, men in neat beards,
O matriarchs with your practical Judy Dench hair,
O, church parking lot of Prius and Volt. We

are trying. We hung Black Lives Matter
over the door, and that’s not nothing.
Nobody is saying it’s nothing. What
they’re saying is “Keep going”

Or maybe, “What next?”
If we call it Social Justice,
what next? If
we call it Radical Love.

If we call it Anti-Racism.
If we call it Covenant.
If we can say that whatever
we’ve done so far, it may not

be nothing, but it is also
not enough.

Myself, I would not know how
to go to an AME church.
I would not know where to sit
or what to wear or how to sing.

I’m sure I would be welcome, but
I am not sure that I would make it
so far as to find out. And you?
O congregation who actually sings

Kum-ba-yah. Whatever you call light,
we must shine it. Whatever you call faith,
tell it to get ready, and get ready
to lean into it. Lean forward

into the fear, the unease:
Your growing edge.
And ye shall know the fruit
is ripe when the thorns

prick your tender skin. And
it’s okay to hate it
when it makes you bleed, o friends,
o sweet earnest friends. But let us hate it

together, and let us keep going.
Let us keep going.