This Sunday

Labor Day Picnic & Worship

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

After a week at General Assembly, I’m overstuffed with ideas and challenges that grabbed my attention, stories that inspired me, and empathy for those whose sharing was centered in pain and disappointment. I’m joyful from the chance to participate in and hear so much amazing music and worship. And I feel a deepened faith that the world needs us to successfully nurture Unitarian Universalism in Addison County and far beyond. Read More about “From the Minister”

Save the Dates!

Labor Day Sunday Picnic & Worship, Stonewood Farm, Orwell

We once again will celebrate Labor Day Weekend by gathering for Sunday worship on Sept 4 at 11 am at the Stone’s farm instead of CVUUS. The service is followed by a potluck meal, tours of the farm, music, and other fun activities for the entire family. Rev. Barnaby, the Stones, and the worship team will lead a family-friendly celebration of our connections to each other through our relationships with the land and the food humans produce from it. Read More about “Labor Day Sunday Picnic & Worship, Stonewood Farm, Orwell”

Member Stories

As some of you know, I was raised in this community from the age of 9. I vaguely remember the infamous first meeting in the Berninghausen’s, and remember well every stage of our growth leading up to this lovely space. In the early days of planning CVUUS it was my own mother who made the “piss or get off the pot” pronouncement which perhaps prompted the paths of fate which have brought us all together today. I know her bluntness and aforementioned approach to life and decisions has prompted many a move in my own life.

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