This Sunday

The True Sign of Intelligence

Rev. Barnaby Feder

It’s not knowledge, it’s imagination according to Einstein. Rev. Barnaby reflects on our spiritual quest to liberate our imaginations.

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

As I sit down to write this month’s greeting to you, the joyfulness of our capital campaign celebration dinner is still fresh in my mind. I looked around the room at the tables at one point and thought to myself, “I’m really blessed to be sitting at this one…and I’d feel exactly the same way at every other one as well.” So many wonderful people in one place, all gathered to celebrate both what we have together and what we can become by building more love.

I hadn’t seen so much joy since…since…hmmm, let me think,…since just a couple of days before that when I stumbled across the video clip of Olly that spread like wildfire across the Internet. In case you missed it, Olly is a Jack Russell terrier who competed recently in the rescue dog class of the skills competition at Crufts, the world’s largest dog show. Olly burst from the starting gate into a classic face plant at the first jump, skidding and leaping back to his feat in a single motion, and then taking off on a highly personalized, high-speed race through the obstacle course. No one knew where he was going next, least of all his trainer dashing along behind him. But Olly was obviously having a blast and the television announcer was reduced to laughing so hard he could barely talk. Read More about “From the Minister”

Save the Dates!

Come to Pancake Breakfast before service Apr 2 to support Coming of Age

COMING OF AGE HEADS TO BOSTON AT END OF APRIL Part of our 7th and 8th grade Coming of Age program is a trip to Boston to visit the UUA Headquarters, Walden Pond and other Boston highlights. Rev. Barnaby, other chaperones, and the kids will be staying at a UU church in Harvard Square. We are committed to making the experience available to all youth, regardless of their ability to pay. The pancake breakfast on Sun. Apr. 2, 8:30 am in Fenn House will help toward this.

YOUTH GROUP’S SERVICE TRIP TO NYC In June, the Youth Group hopes to take part in the Youth Services Opportunities Project (YSOP). The trip will connect UU values with hands-on helpful work. The kids will work for four days in various non-profit organizations in Manhattan and the boroughs. Some of the issues YSOP is committed to include hunger, homelessness, and helping women transition out of incarceration. R.J. Adler and Gail Borden will accompany the group of 10 youth who will stay at a hostel in Manhattan. A fundraiser featuring CVUUS’s Bill Sessions speaking on the First Amendment will be coming soon. Stay posted. Read More about “Come to Pancake Breakfast before service Apr 2 to support Coming of Age”

Member Stories

As some of you know, I was raised in this community from the age of 9. I vaguely remember the infamous first meeting in the Berninghausen’s, and remember well every stage of our growth leading up to this lovely space. In the early days of planning CVUUS it was my own mother who made the “piss or get off the pot” pronouncement which perhaps prompted the paths of fate which have brought us all together today. I know her bluntness and aforementioned approach to life and decisions has prompted many a move in my own life.

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