Traveling Together

The Choir repeated 11 of the anthems they sang from Sept to May. It was an uplifting and entirely musical service.

Pre-Prelude  by Kate Gridley and Janie Wulff followed by the CVUUS Choir singing Give Me Birds at the Dawning by Betsy Binstock; arr. Amidon directed by Lucy Tenenbaum Director

CVUUS Choir  called us to worship with Primavera  Lyrics, Marta Valentin; Music, Jason Shelton

Chalice Lighting (unison reading)  by Marnie Singer                   Silas Conlon

The chalice is the container—
the space where the musicians and the listeners gather.

The oil is the fuel—
the hours of practice & the life experiences of everyone in the room.

The wick is the instruments and vocal cords
through which the music will flow.

And the flame—the flame!—
is the music which is created, as if by magic,
when the instruments are lifted,
the breath is inhaled,
and the downbeat is nodded.

May this flame ignite the music within us all!

Time for All Ages           Percussion “Singing”                          Doug Wilhelm

The Choir led the congregation in singing  We Will Build This House               by Sally Rogers and Susan Conant; arr. Serenity Fisher

Offering         Dona Nobis by Mary Lightfoot (Kate Gridley and Janie Wulff)

Choir Anthems

Ah Wanna Be Ready African American Spiritual

arr. Francois Scarborbough Clemmons

Up to the Mountain (MLK Song) by Patty Grifin; arr Mac Huff

              Ah Gotta Robe African American Spiritual

arr. Francois Scarborbough Clemmons

Choir led us into Mediation with A Clothing for the Soul Divine (Auguries of Innocence) Words, William Blake; music Tom Baehr (choir director of UU W. Brattleboro)

Choir led us out of Meditation with Rising Green by Carolyn McDade; arr. Jim Scott

Choir Anthem                I Am Willing by Holly Near; arr. Steve Milloy

Priscilla Bremser shared her Singing Together  homily

Benediction                                       Nada Te Turbe

Postlude        I Choose You by Jason Shelton     Kate Gridley and Janie Wulff

Our CVUUS Choir: Steve Maier & Priscilla Bremser, Revell Allen, Larry Vanderburgh, Kate Gridley and John Barstow, Neil Chippendale, Marnie Wood, Nance Wright, Anne Christie, Paul Seward, Theresa Gleason and her sister Ramona Chance, Doug Richards, Carol Harden, Marjorie Carsen, Margy Young, Brett Millier, Ellen Flight, Martha Fulda, Ginny Ashenfelter. Thanks to our year-long accompanists Chuck Miller and Kate Gridley. We miss those of you not with us today! Welcome and thanks to our guests, Karen St. Peter from Rutland and flutist and alto Janie Wulff. We appreciate Doug Wilhelm’s donation of his skillful percussion for this service. Special thanks to the uplifting choir soloists: Neil, John, Priscilla, Revell and Theresa.