Three Sisters: Celebrating the Full Corn Moon

Led by Liam Greenwood with MUHS student Grace Vining who, along with a Burlington student Theo Ellis Novtny, won an award for young film makers by creating this short documentary focusing on learning and teaching about Abenaki history and culture. Grace started out writing a protest letter to School Administration about the invisibility of Abenaki references in her education. She was then invited to take a graduate course in Shelburne. From there her passion was obvious and a teacher invited her to create a documentary encouraging teachers to integrate Abenaki heritage into the curriculum.

Grace would like any speaker honorarium on her part to go toward the “Abenaki Artist Association.” The government has placed a difficult burden on the Abenaki, forbidding them to sell their arts and crafts as authentic unless they can prove their ancestry. However, two generations earlier, Indigenous people were forcibly sterilized if they were found to be Indigenous. Consequently, many hid their ancestry for survival. Now they need papers to prove it. They are the only ethnic group for which this is required.

Order of Service

Preservice: Chuck Miller accompanied by harvest and autumn images

Bell: Recognition of Abenaki Land  Julia Chant

Prelude: For the Beauty of the Earth   Kate Gridley

Welcome/ Pathways to Connection: Liam Greenwood, Worship Leader

Call to Worship/Chalice Lighting: Liam Greenwood with Grace Vining and Theo Ellis Novtny

Reflection 1: Three Sisters in music    Kate Gridley

Hymn: Mother Earth, Beloved Garden

Time for All Ages:  Poppy Rees

Reflection 2: Three Sisters in music   Kate Gridley

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Milestones & Passages: Liam Greenwood. Future ones can be shared at

Prayer & Meditation 

Reflection 3: Three Sisters in music    Kate Gridley

Message: Liam Greenwood interview with Grace and Theo

Documentary: The Lost Story: Teaching Abenaki Culture & History

Departing Charge: Grace Vining

Postlude: For the Beauty of the Earth  Kate Gridley

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