The Mindfulness & Timelessness of Daily Sketching

ON SITE ONLY. NO ZOOM. “One of the great misconceptions about the artistic life is that it entails great swathes of aimlessness. The truth is that a creative life involves great swathes of attention. Attention is a way to connect and survive“- Julia Cameron from The Artists Way. Understanding that attention is a form of mediation and prayer, and simple drawing with no judgment or pre-conceived thoughts is a pure form of attention (and FUN!), starting June 6 Hannah Sessions committed herself to making a sketch a day for 60 days. She will discuss the effects of this practice from her perspective and others, share her sketches, and hopes that all in attendance will join her in her final sketch on August 6 – a view from the pulpit. A fun and celebratory service about the power of art to inspire attention and gratitude!

See more details of the service here: OOS Aug 6, 2023

Join us for Social Hour in our Fellowship Hall following worship.