The Oak Tree Within

In our Sanctuary (no Zoom). Life transitions are inevitable. Choosing who you want to be in the midst of different transitions is what will define you. It is what has defined Esther (Thomas) Charlestin, who led this service. We heard stories and songs about the theme of life transitions and explored the grounds you are in among them. Esther serves on several local boards and our worship team. We shared our offering with Vermont Adult Learning.  Followed by social hour in Fellowship Hall.

Order of Service

Bell: Land Acknowledgement  

Welcome & Pathways to Connection:  Martha Fulda, Worship Associate

Prelude: Ronnie Romano. Music Dir.

Call to Worship: Martha

Chalice Lighting: Martha & Esther

We gather this hour as people of faith

With joys and sorrows, gifts and needs

We light this beacon of hope,

sign of our quest for truth and meaning,

In celebration of the life we share together.

Hymn: We Laugh, We Cry    Ronnie

Time for All Ages: Little Tree by Loren Long (Video Reading)

Offering:  We’ll share our collection with Vermont Adult Learning. Please write all checks to CVUUS. All cash and checks not otherwise specified will be split between CVUUS and our donee. You can give online at

Offering Music: Ronnie

Receiving the Offering:   From You I Receive (Gray #402)

Milestones & Passages: Martha

Meditation: Martha

Music:  Strength, Courage and Wisdom   Ronnie

ReadingThe Oak Tree by Johnny Ray Ryder   Martha

Reflection:  The Oak Tree Within  Esther Charlestin

Hymn: We Are (Teal #1051)  Ronnie and congregation

Extinguishing the Chalice:  Martha

We extinguish this flame but not the light of truth,

the warmth of community, or the fire of commitment.

These we carry in our hearts until we are together again.

Postlude: Ronnie

Credits: Thanks to our guest speaker Esther Charlestin; Flower Co-op for seasonal arrangements; Richard Hopkins for technical support; Mike Greenwood for overseeing safety and social hour and Avi Freund and others who helped set up, usher, and greet.

Thank you for joining us for worship!

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