Singing Our Way Home

What is it to be a singing human and to join our voices together, and what do we miss when we don’t share in this ancient practice and expression? Our Music Director Ronnie Romano covered for guest Rev. David Ruffin who just got COVID and will be with with us at a later time. Rev. David (and Ronnie) encourage us to find our ways to come home to our voices as fully and freely as we safely can.  We donated to Living Lands and Waters for April. Watch a recording of the service here.

Order of Service

Bell: Land Acknowledgement  Abi Sessions

Welcome and Pathways to Connection: Abi Sessions

Call to Worship: Abi Sessions

Chalice Lighting: Abi Sessions

We kindle this Chalice Flame, to remind ourselves of the light of truth, the warmth of community and the fire of commitment.

Hymn: Morning Has Broken (Gray #38)  Ronnie Romano, Music Dir.

Time for All Ages: Poppy Rees, Dir. of Religious Exploration

Offering:  We’ll share our collection today and this month with Living Lands and Waters . All cash and checks not otherwise specified will be split between CVUUS and our donee. You can give online at

Offering Music:  Ronnie Romano

Receiving the Offering From You I Receive (Gray #402)

Testimonial: Ellen Flight & Ted Scheu

Music: Without a Song  Ronnie Romano

Milestones & Passages:  Abi Sessions

Meditation: Abi Sessions

Hymn: I Wish I Knew How (Gray #151) Ronnie Romano

Reflection:  Singing Our Way Home  Ronnie Romano

Hymn: My Life Flows On (Gray #108) Ronnie Romano


Postlude: Ronnie Romano

Credits: Thanks to our worship associate Abi Sessions; Ronnie Romano in covering for David Ruffin last minute & Poppy Rees for leading songs; Rich Wolfson, Bill Sessions, Richard Hopkins and Steve Butterfield for technical support; our Flower Co-op for seasonal arrangements; Avi Freund and all who helped set up, usher, and greet; Alan Moore and Mike Greenwood for overseeing safety, sound and coffee hour.

Thank you for joining us for worship!

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