Restorative Justice

What is it and how do its principles apply in practice? A series of speakers from within CVUUS membership and outside offered reflections.

Order of Service

Pre-service slideshow: Chuck Miller, autumn images

Bell: Recognition of Abenaki Land   Julia Chant

Prelude: I Wish I Knew How It Felt to Be Free  Kate Gridley

Call to Worship/ Pathways to Connection/ Chalice Lighting: Karl Lindholm, Worship Associate

Honoring Children in Song: Let Us Open Our Eyes

Time for All Ages: Tracey Harrington

Offering: Today’s offering will be shared with Vermont Foodbank. Contributions can be made at

Milestones & Passages: Karl Lindholm. Future ones can be shared at

Meditation:  Kate Gridley

Sermon 1: Danielle Wallace

Sermon 2: Manya Bouteneff

Sermon 3: Restorative Justice in Middle School   Liam Battjes-Greenwood

Music Interlude: We’ll Build a Land   Kate Gridley

Benediction: The Conscious Collective — Vote     Karl Lindholm

Postlude: How Many Roads and variation    Kate Gridley

Thanks to our “Stream Team” Margy Young and Richard Hopkins, videographers John Barstow and Kate Gridley and Jordan Young and the Chippendales for leading zoom coffee hour.