Blessing Our Graduates and Religious Exploration Appreciation: A Joyful Celebration

Dir. of Religious Exploration Poppy Rees led our community in celebrating our high school graduates (Journey, Livia, Wren, Will, Gabe, Mira, and Ellen who want to postpone Bridging until they can do it in person) and all of those who supported our Religious Exploration program this year. FIRST ZOOM MEETING service ever!

Order of Service

Prelude: Chuck Miller, Piano

Welcome and Pathways to Connection: Esther Thomas

Chalice Lighting: Esther Thomas

Hymn: Building a New Way   Chuck Miller, Piano

Time for All Ages: Religious Exploration Appreciation & Video (song Let It Go by Michael Franti & Spearhead) Dir. of Religious Exploration, Poppy Rees

Offering: Today’s offering will be shared with the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC). Contributions can be made at

Milestones and Passages: Poppy Rees will read ones written in the Live Zoom “Chat.” Future ones can be shared at

Prayer/Meditation: Poppy Rees

Words to Our Younger Selves: Poppy Rees and the Congregation

Song:  Heart Wide Open by LEA

Blessing of the Graduates: Poppy Rees

Youth Group slide show: by Gail Borden (song Roots and Wings by Nashville Cast – Sam Palladio & Gunnar Sizemore)

Song: Beauty in the World by Macy Gray  Chuck Miller, Piano; Poppy Rees, Vocals

Benediction & Extinguishing the Chalice: The Church Has Left the Building by Rev. Margaret Weis     Esther Thomas

Postlude: Chuck Miller, Piano

BIG THANKS to our “Stream Team”: Margy & Jordan Young, Richard Hopkins, and Lucy Tenenbaum.

Thank you for joining us for worship!

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