Our Neighbors Are Not Our Enemies

How can we live in peace with our neighbors and avoid seeing them as enemies to our vision of the Beloved Community? Ironically, it is in how we understand and treat our neighbors that we shape the Beloved Community. We shared our offering with Atria Collective (formerly WomenSafe).  Thank you to our special guest, Elio Farley – Middlebury College Senior, Social Activist extraordinaire, and thoughtful and animated part of CVUUS who was assisted by Liam Battjes-Greenwood; and to Aída O’Brien, Middlebury College graduate now living in Boston, but wanting to visit and share their musical creativity; and to Kenzie for valuable de-escalation training following worship. We had 23 highly-engaged people stay. The average age of the group was probably 35-40.

See Elio’s reflection here: Our Neighbors Are Not Our Enemies

See worship details here: OOS 3.4.24

See a recording of the whole service here: