Christmas Eve No-Rehearsal Interactive Pageant!

ON SITE & ZOOM. Family-friendly. Thanks for being part of our joyful story with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, shepherds, sheep, angels, animals, wise ones, stars, and a UU justice slant. Our casting was inclusive: anyone could play any part and we often had multiples and also unusual animals. You could come in costume or wear one of ours. Or just sit, watch, and sing along with the traditional carols. Led by Dir. of Religious Exploration Poppy Rees. Donations collected for CVUUS Discretionary Fund dispersed in collaboration with HOPE. Ended with the traditional lighting of candles and singing of Silent Night.

See worship details here:

*please join on asterisked elements

Prelude Ronnie Romano, Music Director          

Welcome and Call to Worship   Poppy Rees, Dir. of Religious Exploration     

* Gathering Singing      We Shall Be Known by MaMuse 

 Ronnie and Poppy              

* Chalice Lighting  (unison) Donna Blaszczyk, Willow Ross
          As we light our chalice, may we remember

          that from a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame

OUR PAGEANT BEGINS – we hope you’ll join in! Poppy

      Narrators:  Cheyenne Ross and Kiki Singh

      Mary, Joseph, Donkey, Innkeeper

       * Singing       Oh Little Town of Bethlehem   v. 1&2     #246

     Animals In the Stable

       * Singing   The Friendly Beasts           words by Robert Davis

      Shepherds, Sheep, and Angels

       * Singing   It Came Upon the Midnight Clear v. 1&3 #244         

      Shepherds and Sheep

       * Singing   We “Wise Ones” of Orient Are v.1-2         #259

      Wise People

       * Singing   Joy to the World!   v. 1-2 # 245

Offering                                   Donna Blaszczyk

 Today’s offering will go to the CVUUS Discretionary Fund.

* Response         From you I receive, to you I give.

 (unison)         Together we share, and from this we live.

Sharing Our Light Poppy                                       

* Closing Singing   Silent Night v. 1-2 #251

Closing Blessing Poppy

   Blessed Are You Who Bear the Light excerpt by Jan Richardson


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .  

KIDS – make sure to get your own small string of lights

in the foyer, on your way out!

See a recording here: