Jazz Service: Music of Duke Ellington

Featured the music of Duke Ellington, with Chuck Miller (piano), Bear Irwin (trombone), Glendon Ingalls (acoustic bass and trumpet), Nick Aloi (percussion) and special guests Chris Prickitt (banjo) and Bob McKenzie (harmonica).

Here was our smooth prelude.

And our Call to Worship with Chris Prickitt.

We also had a Bridging Ceremony for Tor Bright to honor his transition from high school to adulthood.

He sang Moon River as his response.

Chuck Miller led the Time of All Ages, asking us to guess tune names.

Worship Associate Ann Webster shared milestones and introduced Steve MacLauchlan performing Tears in Heaven for our meditation.

Chuck Miller & his guest musicians performed and shared on Ellington tunes.

Chuck Miller concluded with his Take Me Back to which we sang along.

Rev. Barnaby led the summer version of our quarterly CommUUnion downstairs following the Jazz Worship Service. This simple ritual merges Christian and Earth-centered practices to celebrate wisdom inherited from prophets known and unknown about our place in the interconnected web of existence. All were welcome.