Trans Is Sacred

Led by Liam Battjes Greenwood. We celebrated the International Transgender Day of Visibility, often referred to as TDOV or Trans Day of Visibility. TDOV is an annual worldwide event celebrated on March 31st. We were joined by Elio Farley, leader at the Teen Center, LGBTQ activist and Middlebury College Education Student, Adia O’Brien, a Middlebury College student performing music and other trans voices.

We’re sharing our offering this month with Homes First VT.

Watch the service here:


See details of the service here:OOS March 26, 2023

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From UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray

Dear Leaders,

You all are so much in my heart. These are heartbreaking and terrifying times. An onslaught of oppressive laws and policies are threatening the well-being of our children, young people and adults, and the very fabric of communities. I know how hard you all are working to care for your people and communities while also organizing for justice. I see you. I love you. And you inspire me in your witness and your depth of pastoral care and commitment.

I am praying especially for all our trans and nonbinary+ kids and adults, their families, and the communities supporting them. Too many trans and nonbinary+ people are living in an environment where policy makers are criminalizing their very existence.

My heart is also with all of you in frontline communities and states.  I know you are holding so much – too much.  We are in the fight to provide support and safe harbor with you, as we have been so many times throughout our history. We may not win every battle but we are in this work for the long haul. And we are digging deeper to expand our partnerships, find new ways to support people, and organize for a future where everyone can fully be who they are and flourish in their identities.

As Unitarian Universalists, we are clear and unapologetic. Our LGBTQIA+ siblings are sacred, whole, and divine. We understand the full expression of the diversity of gender and sexuality is a gift. As progressive people of faith, we know this is a fight for everyone’s humanity.

As an Association, we have shown up for trans and nonbinary+ youth and individuals through words and actions. I want to make sure you are aware of these resources for your own efforts and as additional support for members of your communities. Please visit Side With Love’s UPLIFT Action webpage to see our ongoing work and ways your congregation can participate. UPLIFT also sponsors monthly gatherings for trans and nonbinary+ people of all ages. You can also stay connected to this work, and receive pastoral messages and opportunities to take action by joining our UPLIFT newsletter and following the blog.  Also please visit the UUA’s Five Practices of Welcome Renewal for Welcoming Congregations page for ways to ensure that members of the LGBTQIA+ community can feel fully welcomed, centered, and embraced in your congregation.

I am with you as we confront these devastating challenges – and hold you all close as we work to protect our loved ones, our families, our communities and neighbors.

I pray that each of you, in your own way, is doing something to care for your spirit, to lean into community and love, to tend to your own need for gentleness and care – that we might be nourished for the work that continues.

Yours in love and faith, Susan

P.S. Here are some additional resources that may be helpful:

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  • UUA statement in response to attacks on trans, nonbinary and LGBTQIA+ community

UUA publisher Skinner House Books will release the groundbreaking book Authentic Selves in May. A visually moving celebration of trans and nonbinary+ people and their families, it can be pre-ordered at UUA’s inSpirit UU Book and Gift Shop.