The Thanksgiving Address: United in Gratitude with all Creation

A worship service led by Liam Greenwood honoring Indigenous perspectives.

The full text of the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address, Greetings to the Natural World, is accessible at

Order of Service

Preservice music and slideshow: Chuck Miller & Rich Wolfson

Bell: Recognition of Abenaki Land   Julia Chant

Prelude: Deer Moon   Chuck Miller with images by Liam Greenwood

Ska-nonh via YouTube with Robin Wall Kimmerer & Tom Porte

Welcome & Pathways to Connection: Mike & Liam Greenwood, Worship Associates

Call to Worship: Thanks for People   Mike Greenwood

Chalice Lighting: Thanks for Earth & Water   Nita Hanson and David Martin, and Thomas

Music: For the Earth Forever Turning  performed by Connie Leach, Chris Prickitt and Chuck Miller

Time for All Ages: Thanks for the Animals, Fish, and Birds   Jess Danyow, Jay Harrington and Liam Greenwood

Honoring the Children in Song: All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir,  with Shannon LaRose, Jay Harrington, Carol Harden and Liam Greenwood

Offering: Today’s offering will be introduced by Dir. Of Religious Exploration Poppy Rees and shared with UUSC’s Guest at Your Table. Contributions can be made at  Offering music by Chuck MIller.

Reflection 1: Thanks for Trees & Food Plants   Connor Timmons, Neily Jennings, Declan, Rory

Reflection 2: Thanks to Medicine Herbs and Plants   Anne Christie and Helene Vanderburgh

Milestones & Passages: Mike Greenwood. Future ones can be shared at

Reflection 3: Thanks for Brother Sun and Grandmother Moon   Ellen Flight

Reflection 4: Thanks to Stars & Teachers   Colleen Brown & Doug Richards

Message:  Liam Greenwood

Departing Blessing: Liam Greenwood and artwork by Dee Carroll

Postlude: Oh Brother Sun performed by Connie Leach, Chris Prickitt and Chuck Miller

Thanks to our “Stream Team” Rich Wolfson and Richard Hopkins, to Jordan Young for leading zoom coffee hour, and to the many, many congregants involved in preparing our service of gratitude.