Direct Reparations to Black Women

Guest speaker DiDi Delgado of Black Lives Matter introduced us to the spiritual practice of sharing our treasure with an eye toward racial justice.

Joanna Colwell welcomed us and led a musical call to worship.

Chalice Lighting: May the light we now kindle inspire us to use our powers to heal and not to harm, to help and not to hinder, to bless and not to curse, to serve you, Spirit of freedom.  -Passover Haggadah

She invited children to come forward for a Time for All Ages story: Julian is a Mermaid

She invited the Liberation Choir to sing National Anthem: Arise! Arise! by Jean Rohe and the congregation to join in the chorus: Arise! Arise! I see the future in your eyes to a more Perfect Union we aspire and lift our voices from the fire.

DiDi Delgado shared an excerpt from an interview with Toni Morrison

And her sermon:  Direct Reparations, Treasure Redistributed with an Eye to Justice