Community Is the Heart of Choir

The choir has missed being part of services. I know you miss them. Lucy Tenenbaum, Choir Director brought the choir back in this special service. You’ll hear them singing in a live anthem from Sept 2019, then they recorded themselves for two anthems that Chuck Miller and Steve Butterfield refined to give you a YouTube Virtual Choir. Several choir members recorded favorite songs from previous years, and we bring back some recordings we used this spring, but they’re so good, we want them in this service too. Who can resist the Rhubabes??

This service is dedicated to our beloved choir member, Roger Comstock.

Prelude: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most, lyrics by Fran Landesman, music by Tommy Wolf. Lucy Tenenbaum, Choir Dir. and Chuck Miller, accompanist

Song: I Have A Million Nightingales by Linda Hirschhorn, text adapted from poetry of Mahmoud Darwish:  CVUUS Remote Choir

Welcome & Pathways to Connection: Esther Thomas, Worship Associate

Call to Worship & Chalice Lighting: Anne Christie, Esther Thomas 

Music for All Ages: Lucy Tenenbaum introduces Choir Anthem, Show Us How to Love.  Music by Mark Miller, lyrics by Lindy Thompson

Honoring the Children in Song: Let Us Open Our Eyes   Poppy Rees, dir. Religious Exploration

Offering: Today’s offering will be shared with World Central Kitchen. Contributions can be made at

Milestones & Passages: Esther Thomas. Future ones can be shared at

Prayer & Meditation: Esther Thomas

Congregational Singalong: I Believe in Love by Mark Miller

Homily: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: Why We Sing, Lucy Tenenbaum

Song: Blessed by Lui Collins, performed by Margy Young, Revell Allen and Kate Gridley, voices, and Ollie Cultrara, Cello

Song: Rhubabes singing at Town Hall Theater: Kate Gridley, Margy Levine Young, Connie Leach and Nita Hanson

Benediction & Extinguishing the Chalice: All Through the Night. Traditional Welsh “Ar hyd y nos”    Kate Gridley and Margy Young

Thank yous and Happy Summer: Brett Millier

Postlude: Draw the Circle Wide music by Mark Miller, lyrics by Gordon Light Produced by Chuck Miller and CVUUS Choir by Remote Video

Our “Stream Team”: Margy & Jordan Young, Richard Hopkins, Lucy Tenenbaum, Rich Wolfson, Steve Butterfield.

CVUUS Choir: Steve Maier, Priscilla Bremser, Revell Allen, Larry Vanderburgh, Ellen Flight, Kate Gridley, John Barstow, Martha Fulda, Theresa Gleason, Anne Christie, Doug Richards, Margy Levine Young, Nancy Wright, Neil Chippendale, Marnie Wood, Brett Millier, Carol Harden, Marjorie Carsen, Rosalie Cryan, Paul Seward.

Thank you for joining us for worship!

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