Choir Sunday

Led by Ronnie Romano and the CVUUS Choir. We shared some of our favorite choral pieces from the past 3 years and turned nearly every element of the worship service into song. We share our offering with Outright VT.

See a recording here:

Goodbye Letter from Ronnie

Dear ones,

I want to take a moment to reflect on the past three years of service as your Music
Director and thank you for everything you have given me. From the moment I arrived at
CVUUS, you have inspired me, challenged me to think creatively, and expanded my
understanding of worship. Most importantly, you loved me and invited me into your
home with open arms.

So let’s take stock of what we have accomplished together. First and foremost, we
revitalized and grew the CVUUS choir to more than double its size. We found creative
ways to sing and be together in community, even in the most isolating times of the
pandemic. We began welcoming the House Band to worship services once a month to
enliven worship and invite us to consider more contemporary music. We brought back
Open Mic Nights and Contra Dances, which have drawn in many new faces from around
town and beyond. We have hosted immeasurable numbers of rehearsals in our
Sanctuary, including the CVUUS choir, Wellspring Singers, Community Chorus, Opera
Company of Middlebury, and many more. We introduced a new monthly Vespers service
with contemplative readings and music to offer an alternative style of worship and
deepen connections with the Divine. Most importantly, we loved, and our music making
always came from a deep place of love.

Although this is a difficult transition because I am moving not far away but just down
the street, I am confident and hopeful that we can move through this together in a
healthy and meaningful way. I already have ideas for increased musical connections
between local faith communities and surely want CVUUS to be a part of my plans. You
all have made this next step in my life and career possible, and for that I will be forever

I am often told that I seem wise beyond my years. Folks seem to expect me to have all
of the answers— musical and beyond! I want to take a moment to remind you all that I
am a mere 26 years old and have so much left to learn. By serving as your music
director these past three years, I have learned a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about
congregational life which I will quite literally carry with me for the rest of my life. I
cannot thank you enough for the gifts you have given me and the deep trust you placed
in me from the moment I arrived.

Love always, Ronnie