“There Must Be a God Somewhere”

That’s what the old hymn says. Many UU’s disagree. Rev. Barnaby figures you could spend a fruitful lifetime working at seeing it both ways.

Rev. Barnaby explained why we are giving people the opportunity to share their testimonies in our recent services.

Richard Hopkins shared his testimony about why he became a new member this year.

Francois Clemmons led the congregation in singing Over My Head

Connie Leach and Chris Prickett led us in singing Stand By Your God(s) 

Stand by Your God(s)

Lyrics by Rev. Barnaby Feder (with apologies to Tammy Wynette)

Sometimes it’s hard to be a UU,
Giving all your love to Gods – or not!
You’ll have bad times,

And you’ll have good times,

Dealin’ with the changing things you’ve thought.

But if you love Gods you’ll forgive them
Even though they’re hard to understand
And if you go there,

No need to despair,
‘ Cause one thing’s sure, God’s not a man.

Stand by your Gods,
Give them two names to cling to,

Or three or , if you’re Hindu,

Perhaps three hundred million.

Stand by your Gods,
And show yourself you love them
Keep giving love against the odds
Stand by your Gods