Rooted, Inspired & Ready! UUA General Assembly ONLINE June 24-28!

We are in touch with our theological roots, we are engaged in transforming our faith, and we are fired up to take action in the wider world.

What is our annual UUA gathering, General Assembly (GA), all about? Each day of GA offers numerous opportunities to attend worship services, lectures, over 200 workshops, time to meet other UUs from around the world, visit  displays and of course have some fun!  This year’s UUA, formerly planned in Providence RI will be adjusted in response to covid-19 to be completely online. Naomi Klein will be the Ware Lecture speaker. See details at 

COVID-19: General Assembly Update

Year after year, General Assembly gives us an opportunity to pause and be together, reminding us of our connection to each other and to our shared Unitarian Universalist faith. In that regard, General Assembly 2020 is no different.

In February, GA 2020 planning was off to a remarkable start. Almost 2,000 people registered early and the number of program proposals and guest speakers broke recent records. Then COVID-19 became a national pandemic and a state of emergency was declared. Everyone—including Unitarian Universalists and those of us planning GA—had to quickly assess how to stay socially and spiritually connected despite being physically distant.

Everyone involved in GA in some way, from presenters to exhibitors to speakers and staff, were feeling the anxiety that comes with uncertainty. Thankfully, the investment of time and effort on the front end paved the way for us to come to a mutually agreeable resolution with our partners in Providence. Then, the UUA Board passed a resolution authorizing a 100% virtual GA for 2020. The Board’s decision alleviated much of the anxiety and gave the UUA’s Internet Technology Services team and program presenters time to plan a more robust and rewarding virtual experience.

With so many UUs already online, this year’s GA could well be our highest-attended Unitarian Universalist gathering in history.

A 100% virtual GA comes at a time when many UU congregations have embraced virtual meetings and virtual Sunday services. Although this pandemic has been challenging for many, a silver lining is that UUs are adapting to and seeing the value of incorporating technology into their religious lives. With so many UUs already online, this year’s GA could well be our highest-attended Unitarian Universalist gathering in history! It will be accessible to a more diverse and global audience. It will also help reduce our carbon footprint, which aligns with our commitment to care for the earth and environment.

Virtual Registration Cost: $150

Join us as we experiment in previously unimaginable ways! If you are already registered for GA, your registration has been converted to virtual and you will receive a survey regarding the options for applying your refund. If you have not registered for GA, please click here to do so now.

Go to to learn how congregations can register Off-site Registrants at a discounted group rate, and to find useful tips how they can gather together locally while they participate in GA.

Excellent Programming

GA will offer more than 100 outstanding programming selections (workshops, panel discussions, worship services, and other presentations) ONLINE. Programs will provide attendees with concrete and usable tools to further the work, and the balance needed to explore multiple identity-based and theological perspectives. More programming details are available at

Like Unitarian Universalism, GA offers a wealth of theological diversity. A variety of worship choices are offered throughout GA. The Service of the Living Tradition is where we commemorate fellowshipped and credentialed religious leaders, those who have died, those who have completed active service, and welcome those who have received fellowship or credentialed status in the past year. Sunday Morning Worship at GA is a powerful, communal worship experience and is the largest annual gathering of UUs in Worship.