Radical Love Giveaway Raffle – 2021 Edition

Priscilla and Mary 2021

For our fall fundraiser this year, we’re going to try an online version of the Radical Love Giveaway Raffle. Here’s how it will work:

  • OFFER SERVICES & ITEMS: CVUUS members and friends will offer services or other items to give away between now and Dec 3 here.
  • CHOOSE SERVICES & ITEMS: Everyone (adult or child) will get ten virtual tickets to throw into virtual baskets connected with the items that appeal to them until Dec 10
  • WIN SERVICES & ITEMS: For each item, the raffle team will randomly select a winning ticket, and notify the donors and winners. Posted after Dec 10


Q. Wait – how does this raise any funds for CVUUS?

A. Good question! The Giveaway Raffle focuses on the fun and fellowship of traditional fall fundraisers. You will be getting a separate letter from Rev. Barnaby explaining why we need to repeat last fall’s financial donation program to take care of the fund-raising part. Your financial gifts in response to that letter are needed and will be deeply appreciated. But they won’t affect anyone’s ability to participate in the Giveaway, which is more about staying in touch with each other.

Q. What can we contribute to the Giveaway Raffle?

A. Suggestions so far include baked goods, soups, shopping service, yard work, custom-decorated wreath or centerpiece, handknit accessories, housecleaning, ironing, mending, photography session, “takeout” dinner for a family. (No dinners in your own home this year, please.)  We welcome your creativity! If you’re comfortable springing for a gift card to a local business, perhaps one of the new ones in town, that would be a welcome raffle offering as well.

Q. Where do we contribute to the Giveaway Raffle?

A. Here! https://cvuus.breezechms.com/form/RADLOVEDonation

Q. When will this all happen?

A. You can contribute items until December 3, but feel free to start now! We’ll be accepting virtual tickets until December 10.

Q. Can I help make this Radical Love Giveaway work?

A. Yes! Please contact Priscilla Bremser or Mary Hadley if you want to join the raffle team.

History: See here for more about our past unique Radical Love Giveaway efforts which evolved from our Fall Service Auction tradition.