RAD Love Raffle & Fest Launched!

Let’s get this party started!  The Rad Love Fellowship Raffle & Fest is January 13th this year. Last year was the first year for this party and it is a great idea that came about in lieu of an annual auction for fundraising. This really is about our congregation gifting the most valuable thing of all….themselves, their time, their creations, their talents, their love. Please visit the RAD Love table in the sanctuary every Sunday or speak to one of our roaming RAD Love Ambassadors to sign up for donated prizes, get some advice on possible gifts to donate, donate money to fill the fundraising hole left by spreading RAD Love among our congregation, and receive your raffle tickets. If you have any questions please contact Piper Harrell, piperbharrell@gmail.com.

RAD Love Fellowship Raffle Rules and Regulations

How to Enter Raffle: Every Adult gets 10 tickets for FREE. Sign up for tickets at the RAD Love table in the  sanctuary. Drop tickets in prize boxes between Nov 25 and Jan 13.

How to Donate Prizes: Donate prizes between now and Jan 6. Submit prize description to roaming RAD Love Ambassadors on Sundays. OR email prize description to: piperbharrell@gmail.com. Optional: Bring in special container for raffle tickets (otherwise we will donate one).

Not Sure What to Give? See RAD Love table for options or speak with a RAD Love Ambassador for ideas around RADical giving/donating a RAD gift to social justice issues (poverty, hunger, Migrant Justice, Black Lives Matter, etc.)

How do we raise money during the RAD Love Fest?

 In order to fill the hole that the RADical Love party leaves in the annual fundraising, we are asking for you to give 4% of your annual pledge. Did you know that this 4% is less than most would give at a traditional auction?! Please give by sending a check with a donation slip to: RAD Love Fest 2019 CVUUS 2 Duane Ct, Middlebury VT 05753. Envelopes available at RAD Love table. If you are unsure of your annual donation and/or what 4% would be, please see our RAD Love Finance Ambassador Dorothy Mammen.

RAD Love Fellowship Raffle Donation

 #1: Winter Solstice Celebration

 From Michele Lowy & Barnaby Feder

Join Michele Lowy and Barnaby at their home for a Scandinavia-inspired breakfast and to watch the shortest day of the year (Dec 21) begin with the sun rising over Mossalamoo Mountain.  Raffle winners will be given a more specific arrival time. Winners will be welcome to come back for a simple dinner to be served after sunset. We’re picking 15  random tickets. For more, visit the RAD Love table after worship or contact Piper Harrell.