RAD Love Raffle & Fest Follow Up!

The 2018-19 Radical Love Giveaway party happened Jan. 13, but it isn’t over until we say it’s over, right? So here’s where we go from here…

1) For anyone who hasn’t yet thanked Piper Harrell and Mary Hadley, and everyone who worked with them to get us this far, any time will do (and almost any way);

2) If you offered something, follow through on completing your giveaway (by the way, it’s fine to do this with giveaways left over from last year or even auctioned events from previous years — what is more radical than catching up on belated fellowship rather than simply forgetting about it?). Can’t remember? Ask the Office or Mary.

3) If you won something and aren’t going to be able to take advantage of it, re-gift it to someone else in the congregation — preferably someone who didn’t win anything in the raffles — then let Mary know so we can update our records of who got what.

4) If you had a dinner, outing or something else to offer but didn’t get around to doing it, contact Rev. Barnaby — he will work with you to find a way for you to join the party and brighten the day for congregants who didn’t end up getting anything.

4) If you meant to donate to support this unique event, but didn’t get around to it, don’t hold back now. Through the generosity of those who participated this way, we have received more than $6,000. That’s great but well under our first     attempt of this, which occurred in Nov. 2017,  before the holiday season, rather than after. We would love to close that fundraising gap even though fundraising is not the main purpose of this event.

A final note….I preached in Montpelier Jan. 27 to repay Rev. Joan Javier-Duval’s visit to us when I was on sabbatical. That congregation is still buzzing about the success of their first giveaway party, which they ran in November in place of their auction. They are very, very grateful to CVUUS for creating this model for replacing auctions with an event that distributes fellowship without regard to people’s financial status! Let’s now create a model of how to follow up throughout the year on the actual event.

Here’s the full list of everything was given away

Catalog Radical Love 2019 Large Print

Radical Love Fest “Who Won My Stuff” and “What Did I Win” papers were issued by Mary Hadley in January.  Feel free to contact her or office@cvuus.org if you missed her or lost your paper or check this list:

Radical Love Items Won

 RAD Love Fellowship Raffle Rules and Regulations

How to Enter Raffle: Every Adult got 10 tickets for FREE by signing up for tickets at the RAD Love table in the  sanctuary. You could drop tickets in prize boxes between Nov 25 and Jan 13.

How to Donate Prizes: People donated prizes between Nov 25 and Jan 6. Prize descriptions were submitted  to roaming RAD Love Ambassadors on Sundays. OR emailed to: piperbharrell@gmail.com. Optional: Bring in special container for raffle tickets (otherwise we donated one).

Not Sure What to Give? You could see RAD Love table for options or speak with a RAD Love Ambassador for ideas around RADical giving/donating a RAD gift to social justice issues (poverty, hunger, Migrant Justice, Black Lives Matter, etc.)

How did we raise money during the RAD Love Fest?

In order to fill the hole that the RADical Love party leaves in the annual fundraising, we asked for you to give 4% of your annual pledge. Did you know that this 4% is less than most would give at a traditional auction?! You can still send  a check with a donation slip to: RAD Love Fest 2019 CVUUS 2 Duane Ct, Middlebury VT 05753. If you are unsure of your annual donation and/or what 4% would be, please see our RAD Love Finance Ambassador Dorothy Mammen.