Opportunity Knocks!

We have two ENTRY LEVEL positions on the tech team which could offer you an opportunity for personal growth, stretching your comfort zone, and joining a dynamic and committed group of fun-loving people who have brought you your zoom and YouTube services every Sunday since March of 2020.

Here are thumbnail job descriptions:

(1) Camera operator. Set up and operate a standard video camera during the service, 9:45 -11:00. No experience necessary; instruction and support is available. Must be on-site in the sanctuary.

(2) Zoom social hour host. YOU COULD DO THIS! If you have participated by Zoom, you could become the social hour host. Be brave and try it! Once you’ve done it, it’s easy. Let people into the zoom meeting from 9:45 – 10:15, create breakout rooms for social hour from 11:00 – 12:00. Could be at home or in the sanctuary.

Benefits of these volunteer positions include the satisfaction of contributing to the continuing evolution of CVUUS online worship.

Please contact Abi Sessions (abi.sessions@gmail.com or 802-349-8147) for more information or a pep talk if you need it.