On the Move

Moving Out of State: We have a few congregants moving out of state this summer, including Laurie Borden, Richard Donahue, Margot Borden to Montana. Laurie shared a moving testimony regarding their journey with us and onward during worship on May 23. Ken Levine and Paula and Sam Guarnaccia are headed to Maine and the Brights to North Carolina.

Muscles and Cleaners Needed in Cornwall, Friday June 18th! Longtime CVUUS members Michael and Ana Bright, and their family, are, sadly for us, leaving VT for a new home in the Chapel Hill area of NC. They will be packing their belongings into a moving pod in mid-June, at their home at 388 Route 30 in Cornwall. They will be needing a little muscle and also packing (not to include heavy furniture–just boxes and such), swiffering/cleaning help in that effort on Friday, June 18th (or Thursday, June 17th). If you can help, or have an idea where some local muscles and cleaners may be found, please give Michael Bright a call at 377-5159, or email Ana at anabrightster@gmail.com or mbrightster@gmail.com or contact Ted Scheu at 989-8726, or at ted@poetryguy.com  Many thanks!

Moving In: We also have some moving to VT and joining us, including Mary Saudade and Don Landing to Addison and rising AmeriCorp members.

Help Shelter AmeriCorps Members. The ECO AmeriCorps program is looking for safe, affordable housing for ECO AmeriCorps members who will be serving in our area during the upcoming service year of September 2021-August 2022.

The shortage of affordable housing is a significant barrier for many prospective AmeriCorps members, especially those who don’t have access to class privilege and/or family financial support.

Just like Margy and Jordan Young have graciously offered Ollie a room in their house for an affordable rate, Ollie’s wondering if other members of CVUUS would consider doing the same for someone committing to serve our community.

To offer free or discounted living arrangements, folks can fill out the program’s housing survey. For more information, folks may contact me by phone or email at (518) 649-0323, or get in touch with the ECO AmeriCorps program coordinator Dustin Bowman directly at dustin.bowman@vermont.gov.