Staying Connected! The Future of Worship

As we continue into 2021, with an ongoing pandemic, we are each facing new challenges: changes to our health, our lives, our relationships, our homes, and our work. Many experiences are new and difficult. We know CVUUS has a place in your life, and we want it to be the most spiritually supportive it can be for you now, this year. Never before has connection meant so much.

Council of Ministries Co-Conveners Lise Anderson and Brett Millier

Our Spirituality and the Arts Summer Worship Services can be accessed online with select services being held in person. You can help us refine our skill in offering multi-access worship by signing up to attend one of these in the Sanctuary and providing your feedback. Our target attendance for these experimental services is roughly around 20 people — please reserve a spot here. Pick the services you wish to attend from those listed below.  If you can’t access the link, or know of someone without a computer who wants to attend in person, contact Abi Sessions (349-8147). While there will be no children’s program or childcare over the summer, children are welcome to attend with their family. For services where children are present, we will have special seating reserved for unvaccinated adults. All services recorded.

Ministry Teams Look to Try New Ways of Engaging During Covid

In August 2020 the Council of Ministries (COM) (15 leaders of all our committees) met safely outdoors at CVUUS for a retreat. We asked ourselves, as leaders during Covid, how can we 1) inspire our teams, 2) increase connection between our ministries and the congregation, and 3) help people discover CVUUS (and join in active community). From that meeting, each ministry leader prioritized 3 actions in each area to move  forward- summarized below.

1) To inspire our teams, most agreed that we need our work to be meaningful (is there a new way to get a task done?). We could meet for a walk without an agenda, or give testimonials in worship about what we do and how it lifts us up. To make participating easier for younger and working adults, we might define more short-term projects like giving a reading, labelling envelopes, coating sidewalks, or decorating our sanctuary.

2) To understand how all of us can better connect through CVUUS during Covid, the COM members suggested a congregational survey, scheduling outdoor group activities, attempting face-to-face meetings whenever possible, and even purchasing a tent. We undertook the survey in Oct and 51 people responded (Thank you!) Results are summarized below. Details can be found here: CVUUS Survey 2020_results LA

– Respondents were mostly women (75%) over 50 (90%).

– In general, respondents felt connected with individuals (53%) and groups (72%) at CVUUS, but not as connected to families (33%).

– Many respondents welcomed additional opportunities for small group activities, both social and philosophical.

– Several people requested calls- these have been passed on to the Fellowship team for follow-up.

– CoM is processing and working on actions for connection and communication. Our challenge in the coming months is to connect this knowledge with new programming, sensitive outreach, meaningful projects, new ways to gather in person and remotely, and then…to make a big deal about it so people hear the great news.

3) To promote CVUUS and attract more people to our community, COM members suggested a visible presence at social justice actions, purchasing a banner, actively managing the street-side signboard and social media including Front Porch Forum announcements, testimonials (“Our Whole Lives was great for my family…”), tithing to Abenaki communities, and visibly supporting struggling Addison County families. A new t-shirt could go a long way to make us more “visible”.

The mission of each CVUUS ministry is described on our website. Love flowers? Enjoy fixing things? Tech savvy? Like curating art? Have marketing chops? Let us know. There are opportunities galore to promote and celebrate CVUUS, drawing on our congregation’s own networks and connections to serve others seeking a supportive community.

Staying Connected…Virtually

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