Homelessness Support Abounds!

CVUUS Youth Group, led by Gail Borden and John Barstow, is paying attention to hunger!  They prepare dinners for John Graham Shelter and participated in the vigil on the Middlebury Town Green and sleep out on the Mableworks lawn to raise awareness of homelessness on Dec 7 and thank you for your donation support again.  They raised over $2000 for John Graham.

Some of Our Neighbors Could Use Your Help

While most of us do not notice them, over 100 of our fellow citizens have been living in tents, cars, under bridges, and under decks this past summer.  As the colder weather approaches, just getting by each day becomes increasingly difficult.  Thanks to the work of dozens of volunteers who remodeled and expanded the living quarters at Charter House last year, our community can provide safe haven, food and other basic needs for 5 families and up to 20 individuals.  This program is possible because every winter several hundred individuals from Addison County contribute over 12,000 hours of volunteer time, donate hundreds of pounds of clothing and food, prepare 23,000 free meals, and pay for most of the cost of operating and maintaining our building.

There are many ways you can help:

  • volunteer to staff Charter House during the day for 2 – 3 hour shifts or overnight (you can sleep)
  • help with food preparation for the dinner meal or breakfast
  • donate prepared meals, bread/rolls, and fruit/cookies/deserts
  • donate adult size winter clothing especially socks, boots, gloves, sweat suits, underwear, warm coats, rain gear and umbrellas
  • make a contribution (Charter House Coalition, 27 North Pleasant Street, Middlebury, VT 05753)

Contact Samantha Kachmar (mskachmar@gmavt.net) or Doug Sinclair (jdsinclair@ripton-coop.net; 989-9746) if you have questions or would like to discuss any aspects of Charter House.   You can also connect with us at www.charterhousecoalition.org, facebook.com/charterhousecoalition, or @CHCMiddlebury

Attend a Volunteer Orientation and Training Session at Charter House: The first 30 minutes of these sessions will be devoted to discussing opportunities to support the food and housing programs of Charter House Coalition.  For those interested in volunteering to staff Charter House, training will follow the information session and will take about 60 minutes.  New volunteers are always paired up with experienced volunteers for their initial volunteer work.

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Our Youth Group, led by Gail Borden and John Barstow, dedicates this year to homelessness support again. As last year, they will visit and plan several meals at John Graham Shelter in Vergennes.  Abi Sessions and our Youth Group  plan again to camp out at the annual Homelessness Awareness Sleepout on Dec 7 at the Middlebury Marbleworks in support of John Graham Shelter.