CVUUS Fall Fundraiser

CVUUS’ annual Fall Fundraiser has taken many creative forms over the past years.

Chili To-Go Fest Postponed to Winter 2021: We were planning a Chili To-Go sale for this fall building off our successful rhubarb pie sale and nostalgia for Middlebury’s Chili Fest, but decided to wait until February or March in response to recent Covid updates and revised guidance from the governor. We want to cook and have some fun selling food to help CVUUS, but this is not the time.

CVUUS Fall Fundraiser Donation: However, it is the time to help CVUUS! If you have the means, say thanks to those who keep the lights on and those who keep our ministries strong by giving 4% of your annual pledge by Dec 12. If you love to cook for others, watch for opportunities at Charter House and with CVUUS families in the Blast.

CVUUS “Novel Yard Sale”: You must have items of value that would be perfect for a yard sale. Well, time to act — take them to a local thrift shop by Dec 12 and make sure the proceeds come to us. The CVUUS number at Neat Repeats on Rt 7 is 108; tell the folks at Buy It Again on Main St that the proceeds should go to CVUUS (#504), but don’t worry if you forget it. Just specify it is for CVUUS.  Time to move those nice clothes you never wear. This is the incentive you need. Also, put those valuable things you didn’t think you could live without on Front Porch Forum or EBay— and give the largesse to CVUUS. You know it’s time to do it.

We budget for a $7,000-12,000 infusion from fall fundraising activities.  Do you have an additional idea for a COVID-safe, community-building fundraising event. Do be in contact with us: Mary Hadley (, Lise Anderson, Terry Racich, Donna LaRose (