Friday Night Community Supper Jan 11

CVUUS prepares a community dinner on Friday at the Congregational Church of Middlebury every year. It’s CVUUS’s turn to host the supper for 200 guests on Jan 11 served from 5-6 pm. You are welcome to come, eat and mingle at 5 pm. You can also help prepare food (starting at 2 pm), serve the food (please arrive by 4 pm),  drop off apple crisp (our tradition!),  or clean up (starting at 5:30 pm). Please e-mail

In addition, CVUUS hosts community lunch at the Charter House.  Consider joining the Charter House community lunch team for CVUUS! Your involvement can be what works best for you. Maybe be on a call list for preparing a dish occasionally, or making sandwiches on site for the take-out lunches, or serving, or helping with cleanup. We do this every third Tuesday from 10:00 – 1:00.  Next one is Jan 15. You can come for part of this time for a specific job if that works for you. The best part of this is you can join our guests for a healthy lunch and enjoy the connections you can make. You will come to know that you receive at least as much as you give. It feels great! Contact Sue Grigg at