We are ‘GOING BIG’ this year, expanding our Rhubarb Festival Book Sale to include MORE BOOKS, as well as ART OF ALL KINDS! This expanded effort is designed to RAISE MORE MONEY to benefit the library by BUILDING NEW LIBRARY SHELVING in our new Fellowship Hall ‘Blue Room’. So, this year, we are accepting an unlimited number of books of all kinds, for all ages, hard and soft cover. The only exceptions are encyclopedias, older travel guides, magazines and damaged books. We also accepting DVDs and CDs, but not cassette tapes or VHS videos. Tell your friends that they can donate books and art, too!


And new for this year, we are accepting ANY KIND OF ART – framed or matted, sculpture, ceramic, woven, mobiles, wood carvings, carved walking sticks, 3-D, handmade cards, stained glass, press flowers, knitted clothing, quilts, and more. The art will not be sold off cheaply, and some of the larger, photo-filled books will be priced above the usual 50 cents – $2 prices.


DONATIONS can be dropped off at CVUUS on Sunday, May 12, 19 and 25th. There will be boxes in the sanctuary foyer to collect books, or if you have a LOT of BOOKS and/or ART to donate, you can pull up to the drop off point on the street after service and bring them directly into the Fellowship Hall. We will have people to assist you and a rolling cart. Feel free to tag any especially valuable books or art with a recommended price, to guide us in our pricing.


We will also be extending the book sale for the following Sunday and two Sundays afterward, to sell as many books and art as possible, to maximize our fundraising. TELL YOUR FRIENDS to come to the RHUBARB FESTIVAL on JUNE 1 to buy awesome books and art!


Helpers are needed to sort books, bring books inside, and assist at the Book and Art Sale. To volunteer, and for more information, contact Elizabeth Golden at 802-598-2388 or


LET’S USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO CLEAR OUT OUR BOOKCASES, ATTICS AND BASEMENTS OF EXCESS BOOKS AND ART, AND FUND BOOKCASES FOR OUR NEW LIBRARY SPACE!! (library space money will come from these sales after previous average funds raised go for the general operating budget and shared with local non-profit HOPE.)