Clemmons Family Farm: Juneteenth in the Air

Clemmons Family Farm hosted Juneteenth in the Air virtual program Sunday June 21, 3 – 4 pm, an online community arts and culture program with Clemmons family members and Middlebury College’s Dr. Bill Hart live-streamed from the farm on Zoom, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Dr. Hart provided a historical overview of Juneteenth and then interviewed 97-year old Lydia Clemmons before sharing the aerial artistry of Ella (Pamela Donohoo).  For more info, go to

Clemmons Family Farm is one of two organizations with whom we will be “sharing our plate” in July to coincide with our Spirituality & the Arts summer worship theme.

Clemmons Family Farm, in Charlotte VT is one of the largest African-American owned historic farms in Vermont today. The farm celebrates African American heritage and multiculturalism through arts, culture and science programs in a working landscape (currently closed due to COVID-19) and is one of the 22 landmark sites on the VT African American Heritage Trail. They work with and support a network of 162 artists of African descent that live in VT. CVUUS will support one of 2 programs: relief grants for one or 2 of the artists hardest hit by COVID-19 (demonstrated need must be presented by artists); and/or paid opportunities for artists in the CFF collective to develop online COVID-19 arts engagements for African-Americans/people of African descent: the engagements will either be public health information (based on information and messages provided by the VT Agency of Health or by World Health Org) that are integrated into the artists’ creative work– or art-and-healing creative works designed to help Black Vermonters find physical, emotional, spiritual or social healing and wellness within the context of the stresses of the double pandemics of COVID and racism. For more, see