CVUUS will adhere to the Governor’s executive order when determining whether and how CVUUS facilities will be used. In cases where CVUUS’s mission to serve the wider community involves work that arguably falls within the Governor’s standards for “necessary activity,” the minister will have the authority to approve use of CVUUS facilities for that work if advised by one of the several medical professionals in the congregation that such a course of action is safe for those doing the work and those in the broader community with whom they may subsequently come in contact.

In light of VT Governor Scott’s announcement that all people working at non-profits not involved in safety and health care enterprises stay home from work, it is clear we must tighten up our access to our buildings. This does not force us to allow unsafe conditions to develop in our buildings, so individuals from our Facilities team may occasionally go in to inspect our systems. Our office manager may also stop by once a week for her monitoring work. Everyone who enters the property is responsible for washing hands on arrival and departure and using the cleaning supplies on hand to disinfect what they touch, and staying 6 feet away from anyone they encounter. Until further notice, all cleaning activities need to be suspended. We will continue to pay our sexton as if he was working and may ask him to do some outside work in that time even though it is not in his job description. It will be up to him if he wants to do it.

Our worship will be restricted to what we can do from homes (or outdoor settings). Staff members who find they need something from their office for their work can stop in for the time needed to retrieve that item.

The order speaks of limiting all person to person contact so it may emerge that Gov. Scott does not contemplate restricting people from going to jobs where they have no direct contact with anyone. Indeed, you can easily imagine scenarios where people are in less danger of getting the virus or exposing others at work than they are at home, especially a communal home. But for now, it is clear that the most practical and, most likely, safest thing is to go with the restrictions outlined above. So that’s what we expect all of us to cooperate in doing until we hear further from the group designated by the Board to develop a written policy.

We know this creates a lot of uncomfortable scrambling for all of you who do so much to keep CVUUS vibrant. And it may create extra work down the road preparing to “reopen.” But this course is truest to our values in the immediate circumstances.

Blessed be, Rev. Barnaby