We’ve listened to all the feedback from our last three fall fund raisers and this is what we heard:

* As usual, we need to do something to raise something north of $8,000 to meet our budget for the year.

* The Radical Love Giveaway Party two years ago was an experiment we should be proud of and not give up on easily. Raising funds, creating fellowship, and making the opportunities equally available to everyone regardless of wealth was a unique way of living out UU values. (No wonder Montpelier  experimented with its own version last fall!)

* Moving the Party to January in the second year didn’t work so we should return to November.

* Some families were upset with an arrangement where, by chance, some kids got several things they wanted and many got none. Younger children don’t understand classism or the Giveaway as a stand against it.

* Some people miss the excitement of an auction.

* People are disappointed with events that get promised but don’t happen.

In response, we’ve conceived of the following as a promising path forward:

Sunday, Nov. 24 (before Thanksgiving)—after worship there will be something similar to the first and second Radical Love Giveaway where all fellowship events and goods will be given away in random drawings. People do not have to be present for this but they will have to have their tickets in the drawing – this may involve deputizing someone else to enter them on your behalf if you are away. All giveaway events must specify a date (no more “date to be determined in the future” – those have a way of never happening).  And an auction will take place for items tagged for this purpose. Some will be live auctioned and others will be silent auction. You must be present  to win live auction items.

All fund-raising, apart from the Auction, will once again be completed a week before the events. We will simplify the Ask and publicize it separately.

Your Rad Love Giveaway & Auction Squad – Donna LaRose, Terry Racich, Pat Schmitter, Rev. Barnaby