2022: Springing Forth

Lise Anderson and Brett Millier convene reps from our ministry groups on 1st Monday of month at 5 PM (currently online only) to brainstorm and update each other. Ask them about opportunities galore for you to promote, celebrate and stay connected with CVUUS. They reviewed the CVUUS Board’s hard work on the 2021 CVUUS Long Range Plan which you are invited to mull. Speaking of planning, see below for opportunity to bring your creativity to the 2022 Spring Pledge Drive.

What’s up with planning for the annual spring canvass pledge drive?

We will have one — we have to do so to meet our obligation to present a balanced budget for the congregation to vote on at the annual meeting in June. We are a young congregation. We lack the kind of massive endowment that sustains many older churches and we have no major rental tenant providing a big chunk of income. What we collectively pledge is close to 90 percent of what we can prudently plan on having available to spend on staff, facilities, and programs that embody our values.

Haven’t I usually heard more about the pledge drive by now? Yes, but this year we have so far been unable to recruit lead organizers. Everyone we speak to is struggling to deal with the uncertainties of the pandemic, past leaders need to take a break, and some congregants are feeling less connected to the congregation after two years of social distancing.

So is nothing happening? No, a lot is happening. The Board has been discussing new ways to break up responsibilities for doing what needs to be done. Leaders for some aspects of the work have stepped up. Most importantly, the Finance team, led by our Treasurer Ann Webster, has begun preparing a preliminary proposed budget for the annual meeting that will clarify how much we are looking for in pledges and one-time gifts. We are ahead of the curve in that respect.

What’s the theme this year? That’s one thing we haven’t chosen yet. What do you think it should be? We seek leaders for our spring pledge drive canvass fundraiser. Let Rev. Barnaby know if you’re interested. It launches in March and often included a signature social gathering in April in pre-COVID times. Bring your creatively to a theme and efforts to foster fellowship and awareness in our still-COVID times.

Learn about charitable giving options and past canvass fundraising campaigns here.