Upcoming UUA presidential election info & more

We will be electing a new president of the UUA (the winner among the three candidates will become our first female president) at our General Assembly in New Orleans in June. We will be considering an amendment to our first principle broadening it to respect all “beings” instead of “persons”. We will be considering an amendment to our sources of inspiration to replace prophetic “men and women” with “people” (to modernize how we see gender). We will be considering numerous social action measures, including a statement of conscience on rising income inequality. The Ware Lecture will by delivered by Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy (a searing indictment of how the death penalty plays out in American justice). See the following websites for more information, including how to livestream many events:

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray (www.susanfrederickgray.com/)

Rev. Alison Miller (www.alisonforuuapresident.org/)

Rev. Jeanne Pupke (www.jeannepupke.com/)

A video of the New England Region’s presidential candidates forum is at http://smallscreen.uua.org/videos/pres-cand-forum-4-21-17 .