Radical Love Giveaway Party, Nov 19

See Rev. Barnaby and others at the Radical Love table after worship. Donations to support this unique experiment in building fellowship will be gratefully accepted at the table throughout October. The Party will be right after worship on Nov. 19!

Radical Love Giveaway Party Primer

What is it? A party for all ages after worship to give away, through a massive raffle, a wide range of experiences and services to be shared and enjoyed over the next year.

What isn’t it? An auction. Everything will be given away. There will be no bidding and no charge for admission.

What about the hole in our budget from having no auction? We are asking everyone to help fill that hole by making a donation during October amounting to 4 percent of their annual pledge (e.g., $4 for every $100). If you need help figuring out what that is, email our bookkeeper, Heather Seeley, at fm@cvuus.org. We will stop soliciting these donations two weeks before the Party. You do not have to make a donation to participate in the Party!

When is the party? – Nov. 19, right after worship. Where? Sanctuary

How will it work? – Every adult in our Directory will be entitled to ten tickets on which to write their names (extra credit for children still being worked out) and invited to put them in the containers for the gifts that interest them on Nov. 12-19. Winners will be drawn at random. Mary Hadley has volunteered to record who wins what. Let her know if you’d like to help. Donna LaRose has volunteered to work on gathering and displaying the containers. She also can use help!

Is this really going to happen? – We already have 24 offerings and a few financial donations in hand. The only questions now are how amazing it will turn out to be, will it be publicized in UU World for other congregations to try, and how are YOU going to participate?

What Can I Do Right Now?

  • Figure out what 4 percent of your pledge is and get that donation in. You can drop it off or mail it to the office or give it to someone collecting after services in October. For checks, write Radical Love Party on the memo line. Please donate cash in an envelope with your name on it if you want Heather to be able to include it in the donations statement we send you for your tax records.
  • Come up with what you want to offer at the Party. Be sure to ask yourself what extra twist would make the offering more fun, bring in more people, allow it to take place in a memorable setting, make it more fun and creative for you – it short, make it radical! Let Donna LaRose know as soon as possible.
  • Make plans to be at CVUUS on the 19th and encourage your friends to be there too!


Radical Love Chart as of 10/2/17

Potential Donations to be raffled at the Party (some of these are still being tinkered with to “radicalize” them)

  • Dinner for four at our house or yours (Ginny Moser)
  • Vermont Lake Monsters Baseball Game with Karl Lindholm (covers tickets, food and beer/drink, transportation)
  • Dinner for 8-10 at our house or yours – Doug Richards and Colleen Brown
  • A night of sharing poems – Doug Richards
  • Dinner for up to 6 that fits your doctor’s orders (and still tastes good) – unknown offeror
  • Dessert gathering for up to 8 people at Jean Terwilliger’s house
  • An hour and a half of scrapbooking or some other agreed upon craft activity for up to 3 people at Elizabeth Golden-Pidgeon’s home in Burlington
  • Food grown, preserved and prepared by Kate Gridley
  • Fresh Thanksgiving turkey – Paul and Frances Stone

10) A backpacking weekend for beginners curious to try it out – organized and led for you by Jay Harrington

11) Yoga classes “to help you stand up for what you believe in” – Joanna Colwell

12) 45 year old sourdough culture with option for lesson in your home with your equipment of how to get great bread from it – Rich Wolfson

13) Canning and/or pickling lessons – unknown

14) Monologue or speech coaching (1.5 hrs, Becky Strum)

15) Conversational Spanish lessons (1 to 2x a week for 6 months – Fernanda

16) Guided tour on the dirt roads of Ripton in the National Forest in the dark – Roland McGlashan

17) Massage – Steven Fidler

18) Song writing – Steven Fidler

19) Picnic at Festival on the Green – Donna LaRose

20) Knife and Scissor Sharpening (with a twist tbd) – Dick Moore

21) Francois’ voice on your answering machine – Francois Clemmons

22) Monthly “kids of color” get together – Ana Bright?

23) Companionship for knitting and/or quilting and/or bike rides —

In addition, Ana suggested Tor may be available to sing a solo at your function if it’s a time when he’s home from college. Seeking: a team of youths or others for yard clean ups or gardening; tech help