Whether we call them “ministries” or “committees,” these dedicated groups of volunteers do the daily work of the congregation, following policies set by the Board of Trustees. The Council of Ministries coordinates the work of our committees.

The ministries of CVUUS exist to carry out CVUUS’s Purpose Statement. Because the Purpose Statement is a living, breathing document, designed to be continually revisited and revised as appropriate by the Board, the ministries of CVUUS must be flexible enough to be responsive to changing priorities.

Board Nomination

Mission: Seek members who want to serve on our Board.

Members: Hannah Sessions, Colleen Brown

Canvass Campaign

Mission: Solicit pledges toward meeting our budget.

Chair: Neil and Julie Chippendale

Our Spring 2016 canvass asked CVUUS members and friends to pledge their financial support for each of the next two years (2016-17 and 2017-18). The next canvass will begin during February or March, 2018.

Caring Network

Mission: Provide support, such as calls, visits, meals, and rides to those in need.

Chairs: Linda Shubert & Ginny Moser

Members: Mary Lou Bright, Dale Birdsall, Ann Ross, Sue Grigg, Mary Ann Deverell

Contact: caringnetworkrideserrands@cvuus.org (list) and  caringnetworkmeals@cvuus.org (list).

UU Mobile Shuttle: Judy Sperry

See Caring Network and Lay Pastoral Care.

Communications Team

Mission: Oversee our communication efforts including our website, newsletter, weekly blast, Facebook page, advertising, Front Porch Forum posts and service and event flyers.

Members: Margy Young, Artley Wolfson, Tracey Harrington, Carrie Mol, Mark Zelis

Facebook Postings: Carrie Mol

Website Help: Margy Levine Young, Jordan Young, Artley Wolfson

Weekly Blast Help: Barbara Merz

Bulletin Board Help: Lois Alberts

Worship Directory Ad/Graphics:

Order of Service/Newsletter Help: Sheila House, Julia Tarbell, Nita Hanson, Lois Alberts, Allison Cutler

Pictures: Susan Humphrey, Nita Hanson, Cindi Gillen, Barbara Merz

Year in Review: Rich Wolfson, Dick Moore

Date Night – Babysitting, dinner, and homework help for CVUU children

Kate Gridley & John Barstow

Donation Ministry (Share-the-Plate)

Mission: Oversee selection of organizations to receive a portion of our weekly service offerings and arrange for their visibility through display and speaking during worship.

Chair: Jason Duquette-Hoffman

Members: Barb Karle, Kimberly Waterman, Ashleigh Hickey, Monty Montgomery

See Sharing Our Donation Plate.

Facilities Committee

Mission: Ensure the short and long-term maintenance of the buildings and grounds of CVUUS in a manner which will support and contribute to spiritual growth of congregants and staff and which facilitates the Society’s efforts to promote social and environmental justice in our community and the world.

Chair: Bob House

Members: Mitch Kramer, Paul Stone, Llyn Rice, Alan Moore (Jay H, Jean T, Dave D copied)

Art Policy: Kate Gridley, Patty Sgrecci

Banner Policy: John Barstow, Judith Lashof

Blue Jeans Sunday: Bob House, Gerry Loney

Ground Floor Project: Steve Maier, Jay Harrington, Paul Stone, Llyn Rice, Mitch Kramer, Jean Terwilliger, Artley Wolfson, Marty Kulczyk, Kate Gridley.

Landscape: Terri Arnold, Sheila House, Sue Rasmussen, Dinah Smith, Gerry Loney, Nan Crowell

Sanctuary Door Code: Llyn Rice

Sanctuary Upper Windows/Pellet System: Paul Stone, Llyn Rice, Bob House, Mitch Kramer

Signage/Lighting/Extinguishers: Mitch Kramer

Snow clearing coordinator: Karl Lindholm, with Bob House, Steve Maier, Ron Hallman

Sound System: Mitch Kramer, Shannon LaRose, Alan Moore

Tech Help: Jordan & Margy Young

This committee cares for our sanctuary, Fenn House, and grounds. See also Rental of Our Building.

Finance Committee

Mission: Draft and oversee our budget.

Chair: Mary Conlon

Members: Alan Moore, Mary Hadley, John Berninghausen

Capital Campaign Team (Ground Floor): Steve Maier, Brett Millier, Connie Leach, Kate Gridley, Barb Drapelick, Ellen Flight

Donation Ministry: see above.

Money Counting: Nita Hanson, Mary Hadley, Allison Cutler, Margy Young, Dale Birdsall

Planned Giving: John Berninghausen

UU’re Home: seeking leader

Flower Co-op

Mission: Coordinate flowers and seasonal decorations for weekly services and special events.

Chairs: Marnie Wood, Dinah Smith

Members: Patty Sgrecci, Sue Grigg, Alice Berninghausen, Bobbie Carnwath, Chris Murphy, Elizabeth Golden-Pidgeon


Martha Soderberg, Alan Moore, Johanna Nichols, Barbara Drapelick, Marnie Wood, Kate Gridley, Barb Karle, Abi Sessions, Bobbie Carnwath, Nita Hanson, John Barstow, Bob Doran, Mitch Kramer, Mary Ann Deverell, Donna LaRose

Green Sanctuary Committee

Mission: Address our congregation’s need for greater environmental awareness and encourage participation of all of our congregants in constructive and meaningful environmental action. (From GSC Action Plan)

Chair: Elizabeth Golden-Pidgeon

See A Green Sanctuary.

Hospitality Ministry

Mission: Provide snacks and beverages for worship services.

Chairs: Sylviane Acker & Julie Chippendale 

Members: Neil Chippendale, Jessica Rouse, Elizabeth Golden-Pidgeon

Leadership Development Team

Mike Greenwood, Colleen Brown, Bobbi Loney, John Barstow

Library & Information Resources

Mission: Acquire, organize and promote access to our congregation’s library, book sale cart, and other information resources.

Chair: Artley Wolfson

Members: Lois Alberts, Sheila House, Barb Karle, Barb Merz

See The CVUUS Library.

Membership Ministry

Mission: Welcome congregants, guests and newcomers and enroll members.

Chair: Marjorie Carsen

Members: Barb Drapelick, Mary Louise Bright, Sheila House, Pat Schmitter, Patty Sgrecci, Shuberts, Carol Harden

Greeters: All above, plus Marnie Wood, Lois Alberts, Mary Ann Deverell, John Barstow, David Durgin, Helen Marsh, Dinah Smith, Dick Moore, Steve Fidler

Name tags: Ginny Ashenfelter

See Become a Member.

Middlebury College UU Students

Tyler McDowell, Izzie Cass, Allie Izzard

Music Ministry

Mission: Oversee music for worship and special events or venues.

Lucy Tenenbaum, Kate Gridley, Marjorie Carsen

Pastoral Care

Mission: Provide temporary counseling support to members and friends in various kinds of distress.

Chairs: Sue Grigg and Laurie Borden, Marjorie Carsen

See Caring Network and Lay Pastoral Care.

Religious Exploration Council

Mission: Provide children, youth, young adults, and adults an opportunity to explore, reflect, and learn in a nurturing spiritual community.

Chair: Kas Singh

Members: Brett Millier, Heidi Sulis, Tracey Harrington, Natali West, Jessica Rouse, Martha Alexander

Nursery Assistant:  Journey LaRose

Childcare: Jackie Derse, Journey LaRose, others TBD

RE Teachers: TBD

Kids for Kids: Bobbi Loney

Coordinated, overseen by the Director of Religious Education

Ensures that people of all ages grow and flourish as human beings and as Unitarian Universalists through education, action, and reflection on their experiences. Included in our Faith Development Ministry:

  • Religious exploration programs for children
  • Youth programs
  • Nursery

See Lifespan Learning at CVUUS.

Retreat/Labor Day Picnic

Carol and Marty Kulczyk, Paul and Frances Stone

Rhubarb Festival

Mary Hadley, Sheila House, Elizabeth Golden-Pidgeon, Chippendales, Johanna Nichols, Schuberts

Right Relations Team

Mission: Ready to hear your feelings and needs regarding difficulty with another congregant or staff member, helping you get them addressed and keeping connections healthy.

See Joanna Colwell, John Barstow, or Anne Christie

Passover Seder

Marjorie Carsen

Sangha (Meditation Group)

Colleen Brown, Dick Swanson, Van Van Order.

Meets every Sunday evening.

Service Auction (Radical Love Giveaway)

Seeking leaders. (Mary Hadley & Donna LaRose, Connie Leach & Chris Prickitt previous chairs)

Singing Meditation

Marjorie Carsen

Small Group Ministry

Mission: Deepen and broaden personal spiritual growth by meeting in small groups of 8-10 members at each others’ homes, usually once every two weeks to focus on a spiritual or religious topic.

Chair: Doug Richards

Marjorie Carsen, Matha Fulda, Karl Lindholm, Dinah Smith

See Small Group Ministry.

Social Justice Action

Addison County Interfaith Climate Action

Network: Bobbie Carnwath

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Ally Group: Piper Harrell, Judith Lashof, John Barstow, Stones, Priscilla Bremser

Community Meals: Sue Grigg, Ann Ross, Mary Louise Bright

Class Equity: Board

Crop Walk: Barbara Merz, Bobbi Loney & Kids for Kids

Food Justice: Paul Stone

Food Shelf Donations: Mary Ann Deverell

Gleaning: seeking leader

Guest at Your Table: Bobbi Loney & Kids for Kids

GunSense: seeking leader

Habitat for Humanity: Dale Birdsall, Bob House

Hunger Council: Seeking representative

Indivisible/Middlebury Huddle Groups: Kate Gridley, Barb Karle, Bethany Barry

Meals on Wheels: Thurs UU team: Mary Conlon, Ann Brousseau, Mike Greenwood, Patty Sgrecci, Bob House, Richard O’Donahue, Dorothy Mammen. Other routes: Barbara Merz, Dick Moore, Bethany Barry, Van VanOrder, Mar Harrison, Carolyn Brewer, Karri Ingerson.

Mexican Consulate/Migrants: Carol Kulczyk, Lise Alexander & Miles Peterle, Johanna Nichols, Martha Fulda

Open Door Clinic: Heidi Sulis

Peace Day: Rich Hennessey, Donna LaRose

Queerios: Judith Lashof, Jordan Young, James Sanchez

Refugee Resettlement: Abi Sessions

SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice): Joanna Colwell

UU United Nations Liaison: Chris Mason

VT Workers Center: Donna LaRose

WomenSafe: Dottie Nelson (Kerri Duquette-Hoffman)

Women’s Group

Seeking leader

Writing Group

Nancy Means-Wright

Worship Ministry

Mission: Provide the congregation with varied, coherent services that are spiritually deep as well as intellectually, existentially, and morally challenging.

Chair: Ann Webster (interim)

Worship Associates: Karl Lindholm, Piper Harrell,  Silas Conlon, Barbara Drapelick, Becky Strum, Margy Young (fall)

Ushers: Jack Shubert, Charlie Sabukewicz, Terri Arnold, Gerry Loney, Bob House, Doug Smith, Barbara Merz, Dale Birdsall, Mike Greenwood, Patty Wright

Flower Co-op: Marnie Wood, Dinah Smith, Patty Sgrecci, Sue Grig, Alice Berninghausen, Bobbie Carnwath, Chris Murphy, Elizabeth Golden-Pidgeon

December Decorating: Bobbie Carnwath (tree/ inside wreath), Chris Murphy or Alice Berninghausen (outside peace wreath)

See our Worship page.

Youth Group

Gail Borden and Heidi Sulis