Join us in RELIGIOUS EXPLORATION (RE) next year!

Summer RE starts June 10. Kids start in worship then leave for a guided activity connected to the arts. The next RE year starts Sept 23.

Infant-3 years  NURSERY   

NEED: Substitutes: adults for Jackie (volunteer), youth for Journey (paid)

Our Nursery is staffed by a paid experienced childcare supervisor and a high school assistant. Unstructured play in a safe and nurturing environment next to the Sanctuary.


NEED:  1 more Leader “Storytellers” (maybe) and 2 more Assistant “Doorkeepers”

Circle with story told with basket of miniature figures/props, followed by wondering questions and art/other responses, freedom to use room materials as kids wish.  Based on Montessori philosophy.


NEED:  1 more Leader and 2 more Assistants

UU curriculum where the learning takes place through physical movement, challenges, and adventure.  Teaches children about the values of Unitarian Universalism using activities like dissecting a computer, building cantilevered architecture, and circus arts.  Sports, medicine, food, science, building and exploring are the themes for learning about our history, famous UUs who have made notable contributions to our lives, and ways to incorporate our principles into our daily lives.

Grades 5-6      sUUper plays 2 (along with OWL 5-6, see below)

NEED: 1 more Leader and 2 more Assistants

Mini-plays (4 minute average) about Unitarian Universalist holidays and special days. Some funny, some serious, all meaningful. Plays will be done in many different ways: performed in Worship services, performed for other kids in RE, and done for their own group, as an exploration tool.

Grades 5-6      OWL (Our Whole Lives) 5-6   (9 Sundays)

OWL is by special enrollment and requires attending the Parent Orientation.

9 Sessions including Sexuality and Values, Body Image, Changes of Puberty, Gender Identity, Feelings and Attraction, Decisions and Actions, Reproduction and Staying Healthy, Understanding Consent, Healthy Relationships, and Communication.

Grades 7-8      COMING OF AGE  NEED: 1 more Leader and 3 Assistants

A Unitarian Universalist rite of passage in Middle School. Includes team-building, social justice, UU identity, ritual, games, fall kick-off day retreat, spring trip to Boston, creating personal belief statements, the Coming of Age spring celebration Worship service, and much more.

Grades 9-12      YOUTH GROUP

NEED: 1 more Advisor for Jan-May (maybe Fall)

Members of the Youth Group drive the activities.  They often include discussions, making dinner for residents of the John Graham Shelter in Vergennes, games, recreational activities, and fundraising for service trip. Often take part in a spring Youth Con with other Vermont UU Youth Groups. YSOP Service Week trip in spring to New York City this year. 2-3 Sundays/month 4-6.

All Ages      KIDS FOR KIDS

NEED: 2-3 more Assistants

Kids doing social justice and community service for other kids.  Projects include CROP Walk to End Hunger, making & selling holiday ornaments as a UUSC Guest at Your Table fundraiser, and others.