Ground Floor Project Update

We will have a congregational conversation after service on Sunday, Feb. 18 to discuss the status of the Ground Floor Project, review updated cost information, and consider how best to proceed with the construction phase of the project.  Please plan to attend this important meeting.  Visit for good background info. Comments and questions are also welcome to Steve Maier at 238-6699 or

Since the last update in December, we continued to work with our architects (gbA from Montpelier) and our construction managers (Russell Construction from Rutland) to refine designs and specifications, and to estimate costs.  Most recently, Russell sent out requests to various potential subcontractors to get their more precise work and cost proposals for the project.  We fully expect that we will not be able to afford everything we want, so there will be some choices to make, including whether to conduct any additional fundraising.  We will be prepared to present this updated information to the congregation on the 18th and we hope there will be a lively discussion.  Thank You!