Escalating Economic & Racial Inequality studied

The Richness & Challenge of the Journey, Thurs., April 19, 7-8:30 pm. A facilitated webinar conversation hosted by the New England Region G.R.A.C.E. Team (Growing Racial And Cultural Equity). Learn one New England congregation’s story about remaining gracefully engaged in the work of anti-racism, racial justice and multiculturalism. Share your congregation’s story. What are your successes? What are your challenges? Let’s talk. You’re invited to attend the webinar with Rev. Barnaby in Fenn House .

Learn more about the equity work of UUA! Deadline for registering for our regional NNED-UUA Spring Assembly in Nashua NH is extended to this Wed. April 4 and for being a delegate to our national General Assembly in Kansas City is May 1. Both are addressing white supremacy and economic inequity. See details in our newsletters or at or by speaking with Board co-chairs Mike Greenwood or Laurie Borden. NNED REGISTRATION FEE: Adult (over 18) $85.   Youth (14-18) $25. Child (2-13) $15 via email . CVUUS gets 4 delegates covered, plus Rev. Barnaby.

Our Congregational Conversation on Sunday March 18 following worship helped us understand the UUA General Assembly (GA) process and procedures. Each year our delegates to General Assembly engage in two primary actions – Congregational Study/Action Issues (CSAI) and Actions of Immediate Witness (AIW). CSAIs are often initiated by a congregation and undergo a three year study period. CSAIs are embraced by our UUA denomination for study, reflection and action. This year the CSAIs are Escalating Economic Inequality and The Corruption of Our Democracy.   

AIWs on the other hand come directly from GA participants. AIWs move through their entire creation and adoption process all in one GA. The AIW process allows Unitarian Universalists to respond quickly to social issues deemed urgent. Adopted AIWs are then used by congregations to study and/or act upon. Based on congregations experiences with the AIW they can make recommendations to the UUA staff.  Last year at GA the AIW was proposed by-law changes. In previous years it has dealt with issues of diversity.

The link below will bring you to the docs associated with the 2 CSAIs – Escalating Economic Inequality and the Corruption of Our Democracy.

Please note:  the 2 proposed 2018 CSAIs will come before the GA delegates for the first time at GA Kansas City, June 2018.

Happy reading!

Mike Greenwood, CVUUS Board Co-Chair