The highest priority is that people of all ages are opened to deeper connections with themselves, others, and the spirit of life.

— From CVUUS Purpose Statement – Why We Exist, adopted Fall, 2011

Visiting, Volunteering, and Joining

Come visit CVUUS any Sunday morning at 10am and join us for conversation after the service, at about 11am.

Consider joining CVUUS if you have decided that our community is where you find spiritual renewal.

Get to know us by volunteering and support CVUUS with your donations.

If you are in need of support, contact Rev. Barnaby or the CVUUS Caring Network.

CVUUS Programs and Groups

Deepen and broaden your personal spiritual growth by joining a Small Group Ministry group.

Meditate with the CVUUS Sangha any Sunday evening.


Openings for Deeper Connection

The following CVUUS groups have openings.

Religious Exploration (RE) Council, one opening

– support RE Director Poppy Rees’ planning and implementation of programs and recruitment of teachers and assistants

– help with fall RE leaders/assistants orientation brunch, the Christmas Pageant, and May RE Appreciation

– rotate greeting and directing families at start of worship services

– contact Kas Singh ( Brett Millier, Tracey Harrington, Natali West, Heidi Sulis

– meeting time (usually) one Sunday a month from 11:45-1:30

Leadership Development Team, two openings

– help various CVUUS groups find and recruit people…if you enjoy meeting people and talking with them, this is for you!

– contact Colleen Brown ( Mike Greenwood,  Bobbi Loney

– meetings set by group as needed

Worship Ministry, two openings

– we work closely with Reverend Barnaby to provide all aspects of weekly services, serve as worship associates, develop and lead services when the minister or a guest is not scheduled, and spend time educating ourselves and debating the purpose of worship, our role in the process, and how best to meet the needs of the congregation

– we would like to nurture the skills of anyone who is serious about joining us – there is public speaking and a need to be reliable, organized, while being willing to be vulnerable and do some serious soul searching

– contact Ann Webster (, Terri Arnold, Piper Harrell, Silas Conlon, Karl Lindholm

– meetings one Wednesday a month after choir practice