The CVUUS Board encourages everyone to provide input on various parts of the CVUUS Purpose Statement.  See the complete CVUUS Purpose Statement on the web at

The CVUUS Purpose Statement is divided into three priorities, so we’ll start with the third highest priority and count back to one over the next few months.  We’ll have post-it notes as inserts in the bulletin, or you can provide other notes, cards, or paper to record answers and post them onto one of the Yellow Radical Love Made Visible Posters.  If you’d rather just talk to a real person – we’d love that too. Search out any member of the Board and share your perspectives.

Questions from our Third Priority:

How have you connected to and/or seen radically visible a purpose beyond individual and congregational self-interest?  How did that spiritually nourish you?  What would Rev. Barnaby be surprised to hear about?